Gyre Sage/Flinthoof Boar

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If I already have a +1/1 counter on Gyre Sage and the next turn I bring out Flinthoof Boar do I get another counter on my Gyre Sage

Keep in mind I do have a mountain  
Flinthoof Boar enters as 3/3 and will trigger Evolve
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First you put the creature on the battlefield. Then you compare its power/toughness to the other creature's power/toughness to see if Evolve triggers.

As you have a mountain, Flinthoof Boar is a 3/3 creature as soon as it is on the battlefield, while Gyre Sage with one +1/+1 counter is a 2/3 creature. Boar's power is greater than Sage's power, so Sage's Evolve ability triggers, giving it another +1/+1 counter.

thank you both