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Can my character use a longsword in each hand?

Query: Can a character carry a longsword in each hand or is the longsword not allowed to be an offhand weapon? My character DOES have a power that allows secondary attacks with the offhanded weapon.

Would I need proficeney in that weapon to use one in each hand?



Unless you are a Two Weapon Ranger, or a Whirling Barbarian.  Or have the Eternal Defender Epic Destiny.  In which cases, yes.

You can, however, wield an off-hand weapon (such as a shortsword, dagger, handaxe, throwing hammer) in your off-hand.

E: also worth noting that Longswords are one-handed weapons.  You can wield them one-handed in your mainhand, but not in your off-hand unless something specifically says you can.
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Just like that, no.
He can carry two longswords but cannot attack with both.
There is a multiclass ranger feat that allows it though.
Also, in regards to the proficiency question - you can use any weapon without proficency, but then you do not get to include the proficiency bonus (+3 from long swords) on your attack rolls, so it makes it much harder to hit things.
   And that still wouldn't allow you to attack with a long-sword in the off-hand in powers allowing an off-hand attack.

You can wield hold two longswords and whenever you attack choose which one you're using (main-hand and off-hand can switch with each power), but you would never be allowed to attack with the longsword in the offhand within the same action unless you have either of the Ranger or Barbarian abilities mentioned by thespaceinvader which allow you to actually wield a longsword in the off-hand. 
Without that ability the off-hand longsword would essentially be dead weight, because you can't fight with it effectively without the required ability.

(Edited based on the clarification I made in the following post)
One clarification to my last post.  While any character can "hold" a longsword in each hand, and switch which weapon is "main-hand" with each attack power, you can't benefit from any of the Two-Weapon Fighting feats if you aren't able to effectively "wield" the off-hand weapon.
   So a vanilla fighter with two longswords - no benefit from Two Weapon Fighting or Two Weapon Defense.  With longsword and shortsword, or two off-hand weapons, like daggers, the feats turn back on.
Arguably, if you're wielding longsword and shortsword, and use the shortsword as the "main-hand" weapon for an attack, then the TWF feats turn off until you next main-hand the longsword, but the rules aren't explicit on that scenario.
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