Honey Coating

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Honey Coating -
Target creature or player gains hexproof until end of turn. Honey Coating deals two damage to that creature or player.
Although it sometimes repels magical energy, it doesn't prevent you from being punched into the face by hungry bears.
Green direct damage always has to involve bees
Unfortunately, there's absolutely no connection between honey and bees! Would you prefer a one-mana version of the card which only deals one point of damage? And that would also force me to change the flavor, because two points of damage are what bears do..
It doesn't feel right that it deals the damage immediately. I'd delay it to end of turn... You have to have some time to lure in the bear, it shouldn't just come with an immediate mauling.
But in all seriousness, you guys think it's okay for green to get this card? I don't.
I think it's ok to bleed direct damage to creatures in green a little, especially if it's flavourful. It should be weaker and more inefficient than in red, though, and this is a pretty good removal spell.
Nothing really matters.
Anyone can see.
Green burn isn't okay. I don't care how awful it is (this is pretty decent).


Unless you want that flavour text to remain cute in the "All your base belong to us" way, you should change "into" to "in" - sometimes English is a silly language.

I agree with Green not getting efficient direct damage. But if you cost this at , it'd be fine right?

139359831 wrote:
That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
Oh, that means that I wrote many wrong english sentences! I guess that it's possible to justify this as mono-green card, but maybe you shouldn't be allowed to play the card unless you control a creature, which represents the bees or the bear or wahetver..
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