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This is the list as it is. I'm not particularly happy with results so far. How can I make this a better MD?

SB, I know I need Thalia. Orings are for Reckoners and Planeswalkers. Boros Charm is self explanatory. Volcanic Strength is because there are a lot of mountains in my local meta. Thinking about MB'ing them, that's how much there is. Grull Charm is to help with flyers, thinking about switching it out for Selesnya Charm. Spotlight is a good 'just in case' card because I know there are a few people running Hexproof.

Advice? I would like to bring this FNM again and hopefully do better than last week. Perhaps I just need more practice with it or just have bad luck?
Silverblade Paladin is a pretty good card...... Ok, scrap that, an awesome card.

Hamlet Captain and Odric, Master Tactician are another few that might be ok for you.

Pairing Mauler with Odric for the swing, and you assign blockers? Lovely.

Gavony Township may also be pretty helpful =] 

So you took naya blitz and...removed 2 Boros Elite for 2 Nearheath Pilgrim?  Seems like a bad change.

Also spotlight is a silly SB card.  The only relevant hexproof creature in standard is Geist of Saint Traft and this deck can just ignore him since you have a faster clock.

Also keep in mind with a deck like this you have to mulligan aggressively.  You want as explosive a start as possible.
I've thought about adding in Silverblade, just not sure where. Possibly switch him for Medic, moving Medic to the SB? I would like to put Reckoner here, also in place of Medic, but I only have 1. While Odric is a fine card, he is too costly imo, as I'm oftentimes stucks on 2-3 lands. Township is a good card, but not for this deck. I need color producing lands each land drop.

The 2/2 split of Elite and Nearhearth was simply because I didn't have a playset of Elite at the time. I'll change it tonight, but I still feel that this deck is lacking.

I hate mulliganing past 5. Going to four leaves me playing catch-up, which is bad for this deck. I like this style, just not the performance I've been getting from it. Maybe it's just me.
Honestly that is how this deck is played. It isnt a grimdy deck. You need to kill them before they reach mana for supreme verdict. If you want consistency, this deck isnt for you. 

Silverblade is good, but getting him out turn 4 at the LEAST means that your deck is too slow. Even that, you pair it to a 3/3 boar at best? Maybe a 4/4 champion that be chump blocked. If he cant chump block then its game regardless of silverblade.  Id rather play firemane avenger as a 4 drop over all of those, if you even want a 4 drop. Take nearheart out too, doesnt matter what your life is at at all.
if your gonna run a 4 drop here i think it should be Hellrider I dont think firemane will help you here
[C]silverblade paladin[/c] is a 3 drop. Costs :1:

I do not plan on adding a 4 drop. This deck rarely gets past 2-3 lands. If you do, you're probably flooded and lost. I went 4-1, placing 3rd out of 30 or so people. So I'm not as disappointed with it now.
Glaring Spotlight and Nearheath Pilgrim need to go. Aurelia's Fury, is a fine sideboard choice, as is Nightbird's Clutches. I personally like Slaughterhorn and Ghor-clan Rampager for times when BTE isn't drawn, but they require some amount of extension.
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