best cards for taking something out of play, and returning it at end of turn or before

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what cards can do this?  I did some searching on gatherer, and found some, but wasn't sure if there was additional verbiage i could be using. 

I'm looking for cards that do the flickerwisp ability.  

Like otherworldly journey or turn to mist
just found out about cloudshift too.  great card for this purpose.

Any others?
Mistmeadow Witch
Ghostly Flicker
Restoration Angel
Nephalia Smuggler
Deadeye Navigator

Oblivion Ring/Journey to Nowhere combined with any bounce/destroy/exile effect for permanents.
Fiend Hunter or champion creatures (Lorwyn set) combined with bounce/destroy/exile/sacrifice effects.

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Lifeline plus any sac outlet would also work.  This would basically allow you to return every creature you have to play every turn.  It gets really nasty with Kuldotha Forgemaster and Myr Battlesphere.  ;)

There are lots of other ways to do this once you start thinking graveyard.  One of the best is Recurring Nightmare.  A popular way to do this in standard format right now is Angel of Glory's Rise.

Ghostly Flicker has already been mentioned, but if you combine with Archaeomancer, you can keep putting Ghostly Flicker back in your hand to do it over and over again.

great suggestions all, these forums are the best! THANKS!
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