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So, this is an American control deck that I put together to play with some cards that I enjoy.  It's my first go-round with something like this, so suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!  Here goes:


[deck]2 Psychic Spiral
1 Jace, Memory Adept
2 Pithing Needle
2 Detention Sphere
1 Oblivion Ring
2 Rest in Peace
2 Counterflux
2 Feeling of Dread
1 Blind Obedience[/deck]    
I am really new to Magic and my knowledge is pretty limited...but from what I've seen thus far, the deck you've listed would be nuts to play against. There are enough control elements here to disrupt your opponent's pace of play and there's a ton of power available to you as the game progresses.

I'd be interested to hear how this performs against friends or at FNM.

Really inventive deck.    
New build:

Any other suggestions?  The strategy is to control the board and tempo until you miracle an Entreat or set up with non-creature spells, such as Gideon or Assemble.  Any feedback is appreciated!

@ BeardTron: Thanks for the compliments.  I think this deck is the type that is going to win matches 1-0 due to time constraints.  It's extremely annoying to play against, and I haven't had the opportunity to play against another control matchup, so I'm not sure how it'll perform there.         
As for side board I would suggest the following searing spear, pillar of flame, detention sphere or oblivion ring, giest of saint traft or phyrexian metamorph and maybe witchbane orb, blind obedience, and or rest in peace.
Drop a unsummon[c] for another [c]azorius charm
If you have then snapcaster mage would like to join your deck
If you have trouble with other control decks side board Psychic Spiral

and would Mystic Retrieval work? or to high mana?
Mystic Retrrieval wouldn't be bad...but as far as what to remove for it and Snappy, I have no idea.  What do you think as far as that's concerned? I will drop an Unsummon for an Azorius Charm, though.  Good thinking.

As far as a working sideboard, here's what I have:


Thoughts on the sideboard?  Also, suggestions on main deck still welcome.  Have been testing this against a friend's lifegain deck, and it has been doing very well; controls the board, stabilizes, and Gideon and Assemble eat face.  Not sure how this will fare against faster builds, but I'm looking forward to playing it.  

Still looking for some advice, guys!  Any suggestions on early game would be appreciated, as well! 

OP has been updated with current list.  I do need some advice on the following:

Searing Spear vs. Mizzium Mortars vs. Feeling of Dread?

Think Twice vs. Inaction Injunction?

Searing Spear lets me hit Planeswalkers, but late game, Mortars is a nother board wipe.  Feeling of Dread keeps me in the game to GET a boardwipe.

Inaction Injunction has a dual purpose, with detain plus card draw, but it's only a single card I get to draw, as opposed to two.

Played a deck similar to yours at FNM this past week. I was able to hold out for a decent length with my orzhov deck (ultimately succumbing to assemble the legion each time. Snapcaster mage and restoration angel were a very annoying much so that I nevermored the angel (rather than assemble) during the 2nd game (most likely a mis-play on my part). My nevermore severly disrupted his plans, so I might have a SB card ready as an answer. I might work counterflux in main deck if you go that direction as well
Played this build at FNM last Friday, and the results were pretty favorable.  At the last minute, I swapped the Pillar of Flames in the sideboard for Feeling of Dread, which I actually sided in every match.  Here's a synopsis of what I face:

MATCH 1: Boros Aggro

In the first game, I managed to Unsummon and Azorius Charm my way to turn 7 or so, but not drawing a boardwipe was my undoing.  Champion of the Parish and other little humans managed to beat my face in.  Game 2 was the type of hand where I knew I was winning immediately: 2 Supreme Verdict, and Azorius Charm to get me there, and a Gideon.  Hit land every turn, curved nicely into the Gideon, who took a hit, then rolled up while I used one Verdict.  He never recovered, and Gideon beat him down.  Game 3 was a very similar hand.  I Feeling of Dread'd until I played a Gideon on turn 4, then miracled a Terminus on turn 5 and an Entreat on turn 6.  Easy squeezy lemon peezy.  1-0

MATCH 2: Aristocrats

These were wonderful games.  In the first game, my opponent opened with a Champion of the Parish into two Gather the Townsfolk.  I managed to Unsummon until I could cast a Supreme Verdict, saving my life.  He had to pass the turn after overextending, and I did the same. On turn 6 he played Falkenrath Aristocrat; on the next turn I miracled a Terminus.  He passed, I miracled an Entreat the Angels for 5, and he played another Falkenrath and conceded.  Game 2 I saw two Thalias; he played the second after I waited until turn 5 to board wipe.  He played an Aristocrat and a Doomed Traveler and I took 4 to the face.  Next turn he saw a second Artistocrat.  I had enough board wipes, but not enough to finish it off; after a Verdict, he sacrificed the Traveler and the token to the Aristocrats.  My only hope was a Terminus, and I didn't draw one.  Game three saw him with three Falkenrath Artistocrats in his opening hand, and he played them by degrees, afraid of Terminus.  Thalia disrupted my gameplan yet again, but wI answered his Artistocrats with Blind Obedience before he played them.  I used three Azorius Charms and two Unsummons, as well as hardcasting an Entreat for 3 in my search for a Terminus, and it came down to the final attack step, where I Revelation'd for 3 in hopes of finding one.  My top card was Feeling of Dread.  If I had only paid one for X, I'd have had enough mana to survive the turn, and my top card for my turn was a Think Twice.  Underneath that was, you guessed it, Terminus.   He was, however, holding his fourth Aristocrat in hand.  My undoing was simply not hitting my 4 Terminus in both games.  They were very close. 1-1

MATCH 3: Rakdos Vampires

This was hardly even a contest.  Both of my opening hands had board wipes and enough control to get there.  Game one saw turn 5 Tamiyo into turn 6 Gideon and I just rolled them up until I could win the game in two turns.  Game two was won from a miracled Entreat.  No problems. 2-1

MATCH 4: Naya Humans

Game one saw my opponent overextend and dump his whole hand on the board...but DAYUM it was fast.  I hit a boardwipe to save my life, and that plus Gideon won me the game as he repeatedly drew into land and a Thalia that I answered with an Unsummon.  Game two was VERY close, and was won on sheer luck alone.  His opening hand was ridiculous; turn 2 was Burning-Tree into Burning-Tree into Burning-Tree.He managed to beat me down to 6 by turn 4, when I answered with a Verdict.  Turn 5 saw him play a Lightning Mauler, and I played a Gideon because it was all I had to answer.  He played a Thalia and hit me for 4, down to 2.  He played a Mayor and a Frontline Medic on his turn, and I used a Feeling of Dread to keep me alive.  I miracled a Bonfire for 4 and wiped his board, then swung with Gideon.  I felt nervous because I was dangerously in Boros Charm range...but his final topdeck was a land.  Gideon swung for game.  He was mad.  3-1

MATCH 5: Naya Humans (Again, really?)

Game one was eerily similar.  By turn 4, my opponent had 7 creatures in play and would be swinging for game the next turn.  He had dumped his entire hand on the board and made a comment something to the effect of "Man, that sucks, no creatures."  I answered with a Verdict into a Gideon.  Next turn I miracled an Entreat.  I won it pretty easily.  Game 2 was AWFUL.  I had two land for seven turns, managing to keep myself alive with Azorius Charm, Unsummon, and Feeling of Dread.  I played a Gideon on turn 9, but he O-ring'd and won easily.  Game 3 had the same happen; my hand was perfect, but the only two land I got for 7ish turns were the two in my opening hand.  Again, he wiped the floor with me.  The funny thing is, we played two friendly matches afterward, and the EXACT SAME THING happened.  Guess it was my shuffle or something.  3-2

The event was a $5 pick-a-pack, so no top 8.  I ended up in 4th, which I really can't complain about.  I feel like the deck is well-positioned and could have won every game it played with the right draws.

I am considering the following:
-3 Searing Spear MD
+1 Land
+2 Jace, Architect of Thought

The thing that scares me is opposing ' I guess I could see myself going:
-3 Counterflux SB
+3 Searing Spear

I use Pithing Needle in the SB for my black control deck and that does a mighty-fine job of shutting down Planeswalkers; it's also great against the Drownyard and other nasty threats like Olivia Voldaren, so you can get some good mileage out of it.
I use Pithing Needle in the SB for my black control deck and that does a mighty-fine job of shutting down Planeswalkers; it's also great against the Drownyard and other nasty threats like Olivia Voldaren, so you can get some good mileage out of it.

Ah!  Pithing Needle!  Forgot that was a thing!  Thanks!
OP updated with new list...Issues I've been running into are Obzedat, and, well, Obzedat.  Does Pithing Needle stop him?

I'd also like to make room in the MD for 2 or more Temporal Mastery.  Thoughts on what to remove?

EDIT: Realized Pithing Needle does not stop Obzedat.  I have instead replaced Unsummon in the MD with Turn // Burn.
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