The Dungeon Master Experience: Make It BIG!

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The Dungeon Master Experience
Make It BIG!

By Chris Perkins

Ten years from now, will my players remember the battle in which the party's 30th-level shaman trapped himself inside an iron flask after being swallowed by a giant crocodile? I sure hope so.

Talk about this column here.

Spin the Cliché
Big fan of Chris. And even though I'm no DM these things never fail to entertain me. Thanks for posting.
My most memorable "BIG" moments...

The party riding an asteroid that's about to crash into the planet, able to choose whether to steer it toward the capital of their homeland or the border keep they inherited and where the bulk of the nation's army is currently housed.

Party rogue leaping from a rooftop to stab a demon lord in the back and getting thrown back in time in the resulting explosion.

Same rogue arriving on Earth's first experimental hyper-drive capable ship, only to discover that hyperspace and the Astral Plane are one and the same and the first test-run of the hyperdrive unleashes a magical apocalypse on Earth which eventually becomes the player characters' world thousands of years in the future.

Party's airship getting ripped in half by a huge flying tentacle-monster (imagine the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest...but flying).         

All around helpful simian

My favorite of the moment:

A tentacle demon pops out of a portal and fights the PCs.  As the combat is drawing to a close the Barbarian screams out "I'm tired of these mother-****ing tentacles on my mother-****ing plane!" and spartan kicks him back into the portal.
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