What cards beat american control decks?

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The standard american control decks are really hard to beat right now, I was wondering what cards in Green, White, or Black are very strong against the popular american control decks you see today?

Worry only about the current. Think about the rest. And you wont have to worry.

cavern of souls
[C]Thalia, guardian of thraben[/c]
[C]slaughter games[/c]
Discard cards such as duress and the like.
[C]ground seal[/c]/rest in peace hose Snapcaster.
[C]skullcrack[/c] to stop life gain.
Do you mean the Flash decks with Boros Reckoner or full-on Terminus decks?

Ground Seal and Rest in Peace might turn off Snapcaster for rebuying valuespells, but they don't handle the 2/1 with Flash or the Restoration Angels that accompany them, or the Sphinx's Revelations that refuel their hand.

Skullcrack is largely irrelevant because nobody plays pure lifegain. You'll always -1 yourself to play it and the only time that it's clutch is when it kills the opponent on the spot (because they're relying on lifegain to stay alive.) Which is usually a situation that you were excelling in anyways.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben crushes battlecruisers, but the Flash deck mostly casts 1 and 2 drop valuespells, and paying an extra mana to Pillar of Flame or Searing Spear it isn't much of a setback. Coincidentally this is probably why the Flash deck has been so good at bullying small aggressive builds, everything is cheap, and so measures like Thalia to get ahead and stay ahead are sketchy when they do absolutely nothing.

Cavern of Souls is out of favor because the decks that it bullies are scarce right now. I'd still say it's worth packing into a SB, but it makes for an awkward manasource in many of the aggressive decks, unless they play all creatures, and only one subtype of creatures.
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The answer is "zombies."
The number one spell to use against them is abrupt decay, gets all their creatures except resto angel and it even hits their enchantments like detention sphere and blind obedience if they happen to run them MB or SB. Another good one is nevermore. Also golgari charm helps against their sweepers.
4x Deathrite Shaman

The only card you need.
GGWP.  [good game,well played.]
4x Deathrite Shaman

The only card you need.
GGWP.  [good game,well played.]

It isn't that good against them...


Well , backed with thragtusks and garruk/Olivia/Liliana it really is. It either wears them down to the point where they have to burn it or it just straight eats their burns up at the cost of 1 mana. Usually they leave him alone until it starts wearing them down and then they start spending on him. Azorius charm doesnt work and since american control can't really kill you soon enough you can just throw him out there with a thragtusk or a vampire nighthawk on the field and eat up a supreme verdict while keeping guys in your hand. It really is effective if you know how to use him.
So a card that can't grind out the deck which entire's goal is to grind you out is some how good? 

win before turn 4
I'm currently playing a version of American Flash with Aurelia, The Warleader which contains a lot more counter-magic. And I must say, the only cards that scare me are Obzedat, and Unburial Rites.

There a just so few ways for Ameican Flash to deal with him. I either need to save a Counterspell for him, or Azorius Charm him if they decide to attack, which really doesn't deal with him.

Unburial rites is scary just because of the creatures that follow. I MB 2 Dissipates and 1 Syncopate just because of that card there, hoping to have one when they cast it.
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The standard american control decks are really hard to beat right now, I was wondering what cards in Green, White, or Black are very strong against the popular american control decks you see today?

Mind Rot
Appetite for Brains
Dimir Charm
Jace, Memory Adept
Black Cat
Brain Weevil
Corpse Traders
Drainpipe Vermin
Gruesome Discovery
Liliana of the Veil
Mental Agony
Mental Vapors
Ravenous Rats
Wit's End

The idea is to rip their hand apart.  Obviously the best cards to do this with is Duress, Liliana of the Veil, and Mind Rot.  If they spend their counters on those they aren't spending their counters on your threats.  If they don't counter it you are going to take the counter and kill magic out of their hand.  Eitherway it's a win/win for you.

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I think you're asking the wrong question.  You shouldn't look for single cards to beat a deck, you need to look at your strategy as a whole.  Liliana of the Veil is good against any kind of control, but you can't just stick a few in your sideboard and expect that to take care of everything.  The most obvious reason is that there's a good chance you simply won't draw that card in the match, so you can't rely on any one thing to win for you.  If your deck as a whole can't deal with what your opponent is doing, then a few hate cards in the board are not going to be enough.
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