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I stopped playing dnd when 3rd edition was new and am starting to get into the game again.

Bought some books and I have a question that I hope somebody can help me out with.

When I see a power under the "hits" what does the "w" mean?

For example.... For the Brute Strike power under "hit" it has "3(w) + strength modifer damage"

So does that mean it does 3 plus my strength mod?  or does "w" mean weapon damage?  so 3 x my weapon damage plus my strength mod?  or something else entirely.

Thanks for any help you can give.

It is indeed weapon damage. If you have a longsword that does d8 and the power reads 3w + str mod dam, the player would roll 3d8 and add str mod. If the weapon is a falchion, it would do 2d4 as ONE weapon damage. In the above example the player would roll 6d4 + str mod (2*3=6). Hope that helps.
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