4e Tiefling deciding what class to choose. Help me decide!

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I'm new to the game of dungeons and dragons, and by new I mean I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm teaching myself for the next month with a group of friends.
So far we are working on characters. I have decided to choose a tiefling for my race. I like the look as well as what I've read they are good for.
For my classes I have three picked out:
1. Warlock with fey pact
2. Necromancer with hex powers (not minion master)
3.sorcerer with wild magics

From what I understand tieflings make excellent warlocks and wizards. I really want to be the necromancer but warlock is my second choice.
Can anyone help me decide or tell me what I should be looking for or watching against?
It really depends on what your goals are. Many people find that the most mechanically sound characters are more fun to play because they do their jobs well. Of the three options you posted, the tiefling warlock will be the most mechanically sound, though I would recommend the Infernal pact over Fey for Tieflings. What resources (books, compendium, dragon magazine, etc.) are available to you? Keep in mind that you can refluff (i.e., change the description of powers, feats, etc. in D&D 4E) anything to invoke the flavor you desire.
Definitely warlock imo. Refluff it to be your necromancer.  The best way to think of a class in 4e is a mechanical chassis.  When you start getting caught up in "I want to play a "- insert old style class here -" often times you'll be disappointed.  The best way to go about it is decide what characteristics you want your character to have, then pick the chassis that best represents that play style.

For example, the new character I started last night is a Priest of the Goddess of Magic.  Mechanically, it's a binder|bard hybrid, with arcane blasting and controll spells, and a little dab of healing.  Just because I chose the mechanics of bard, doesnt mean I plan to run around dancing and singing.  I just took the mechanics I wanted, and tossed the fluff.  My character is who I want him to be.
Oh thank you for both your comments this is perfect! My only resource for charaters has been the web but I plan to get a handbook soon. Crazyhawk I will take your advice for the warlock rufluffed to be a necromancer. Dark Warlock I think I will go with the infernal pact as well. Thanks again!
Deemarrs, you should check out the Warlock handbook in the Character Optimization forum called Walk with Me in Hell: A Warlock's Guide. You can find a link to it in one of the top threads in that forum, the Complete Collection of Character Builds. The idea behind these user-created guides is to rate all aspects of the class (powers, feats, equipment, etc.) according to how well it fulfills the class's primary and secondary roles. There's also lots of advice about how the different pieces of a character build interact. As long as you choose mostly blue, or sky blue rated elements, you will find your character has punch and survivability, which goes a long way towards having fun. You don't have to worry about grabbing every single "best" option, but if you avoid trap feats and powers and poor statistical builds, you should have a fun character.
Here's a link to the guide: http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/28769833/Walk_With_Me_in_Hell:_The_Warlocks_Guide

Again, this speaks to how the pieces fit together mechanically to fulfill the class's role; you can refluff any of the powers, etc. to visualize how you would like those mechanical options to be expressed as you see fit. 4E even leaves open the option to change the names of feats and powers to match the character's flavor, though admittedly this might get confusing for a group of new players.
Thanks so much! I'll be sure to take a nice long gander at this!
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