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So, I'm about to have the players meet something that changes the enemy they have been trying to kill.  In game, it's done by using an artifact.  The Blue Dragon will become this Chaos Touched Blue Dragon.  The attacks that did lightning will now have a necrotic addition(extra damage, ongoing, weakened, etc).  Anyways, it's going to generate a wave that also affects his minions.  But the wave will continue, and I thought to myself, "why not give the players an oppertunity for it?"
This also goes back to when 2 players wanted a change in their characters, and the same artifact was used then to do it.

Now, I think that it would give minor appearance changes, and I have a 3.5 book that did something similar with a table(so I can use that).  But I want to give them an encounter power for it as well.  Here's what I'm thinking.

Chaos Touched
Action Type: Free
Use Type: Encounter
Target: Self
Imbues chaotic energies into the next attack made before the end of the character's next turn.  Adding Necrotic to the keywords and giving an additional random effect based on a d20.  The effects are added to any existing one already on the power and does not replace it.
1: Automatic Miss and lose a healing surge.
2-6: -2 damage per tier(heroic, paragon, epic).
7: Caster and Target are Weakened(save ends).
8: Caster and Target are Slowed(save ends).
9: Caster and Target are Deafened(save ends).
10: Nothing else.
11: Target is pushed 1 squares.
12: Target is also Slowed(save ends).
13: Target is also Weakened(save ends).
14-18: +2 damage per tier(heroic, paragon, epic).
19: Target gains 5 ongoing of the elemental keywords in the attack per tier(heroic, paragon, epic).
20: Automatic Crit.
Can be undone using a large power source and ritual of cleansing.

I want to make it a bigger selection than that, and actually appeal.  So real benefits and real negatives.  But less on the negatives because nobody would take it if it was 50/50.

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read, even if you don't respond.  Bolded stuff is what I'm most worried about.

Updated 3/7/13 22:11

I’d make it a free action,

Only because it does have some risk, and if a player burns a minor and rolls a 1, he basically can’t use a Standard Action to attack that turn; making it a free action means that even on a roll of  1 they could use some minor powers.

The 1 Roll is okay, but I would add a further penalty as well (I like the old botch system) maybe lose a healing surge.

On 7-10, I’d change to a minor benefit tied with a minor negative; just because nobody like rolling a power and Nothing happening.  Maybe they add a seconded random keyword to their power on top of necrotic (acid/poison ext) but also gain weakness X to that damage type as well?

I’d change the + and – damage addition subtraction rolls to something that scales with level (maybe half level) Just because once you get past Heroic tier the -2 or +2 just won’t be that helpful.

If you wanted to really spread it out more maybe make 11-13 each their own effect.

11- Weakened

12- Dazed

13- Knocked Prone

If you are super dedicated (and really it wouldn’t take a lot of effort) you could make a list of 20 different effects, since there are still plenty of effects you could add to attacks or have effect the caster (on-going damage, forced movements, immobilized ext.)  

Hope this help.


That makes sense for free actions.
Losing a healing surge actually ties in with a previous event.  Alright.  That does make it sound more than just a roll of numbers.
I hadn't thought of a minor and negative combined.  I'm going to have to give it thought as to what.  Probably will leave one with nothing happening so there is a baseline to compare all the effects to.
Scaling?  Alright, I set it for 2 per tier. 
Alright, a number for each effect sounds like something I can accomplish.  Not sure about the knocked prone(I need to look at all of the effects to make sure), but dazed actually ties in with how the dragon dazed the party so often in a previous fight.  Tie-ins are great to draw people in.
I don't think I will do 20 different effects.  I was going to use an old 3.5 table for it.  I realized that having a range of numbers for an effect or two will give those more power, and highten tension.  For example: A person really wants the damage increase.  It would be nice to get the crit, but the damage increase is the easiest.  However, if you at all unlucky, that damage decrease is there to taunt you.
Hmmm...Actually, if it gained an effect to go along with the damage, that would be good too...No, this ability has to remain a minor thing or it could dominate the game.

It helped a bunch, thanks.

Now that the session ended, and everyone got their chance at the chaos(session was last night)...Only the sorcerer and the shaman took the hit.  The rest didn't want it(I gave a choice).

I think I made the effects too much.  I'll come back to it later and look at them.
  Ok, I think this is looking better.  Dazed felt too powerful.  So I moved slow into it's spot, and push where the slow was. 
  I'm not sure about how far the push should be.  I'm scanning the minors in phbs for something similar.  Probably going to have to look at monsters next. 

  If anybody has input, please do.  Either post here, or e-mail me with the name I'm posting at

I like your reworked list; and I can see how Dazed can come off as overpowered (can easily win a combat if used correctly on the right creature)

I think Push 2 is fine; most of the at-will forced movements are between 1 and 3 (I don’t know any low level power ones which are more than a base 3)  also there is always potential one of your players have feats that buff F-movements.

Over all looks like a very reasonable power.


most of the at-will forced movements are between 1 and 3 (I don’t know any low level power ones which are more than a base 3)  also there is always potential one of your players have feats that buff F-movements.

That's actually a good point.  This is a free action that modifies a power.  Better change the forced movement to 1.  I'll add something in there that it adds to the power, instead of overwriting it.
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