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hi i was wondering if a creature i controll has protection from black can i still sac it to bloodflow connoisseur .
Protection stops 4 things

  1. Damage

  2. Enchanting / Equipping

  3. Blocking

  4. Targeting

Bloodflow Connoisseur's ability does none of those. 

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Yes, the Connoisseur does nothing protection cares about.

Remember protection by DEBT:


If it does none of those 4 things, protection doesn't help.

Protection covers only:

Damage (cannot be damaged by sources with that property)
Enchantments/Equipments(/Fortify) (cannot have these attached with that property)
Blocking (cannot be blocked by sources with that property)
Targetting (cannot be targetted by sources with that property)

As the ability on bloodflow connoisseur does none of these, it is valid to use the ability on the protection from black creature you control. A creature with protection from black, can also die subject to damnation (unless it has a prevention effect, such as indestructibility or totem armour), innocent blood, mutilate (if you can reduce the toughness on the creature to 0 or less), but not pestilence demon's activated ability (it deals damage), murder (requires targetting).

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in order to target it must say target ?
Yes, either in its text or in the rules for the keyword ability.
Correct. It's impossible to target something without using that word. Usually it will appear on the card, occasionally it's part of the rules text for a keyword ability (e.g., Equip).

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in order to target it must say target ?

Yes, or be a keyword whose rules entry contains the word "target" (Auras and Equip are two common examples).

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