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I'm starting a new campaing and I had this idea of a warrior with a large arsenal of weapons and huge bag of tricks to bestow countless effects to his opponents. He would be mainly ranged but could still keep up in a brawl.

I'm looking to see which class would best fit my concept. I've already taken a look at the executionner and the league of whispers but I'm not sure I like the blowgun thing. I like the idea of a bola but I think the net suits my concept better.

Anyway, if any of you has an idea please share?
Maybe a str/int genasi blaster wizard?
The hunter ranger is built as a range/melee hybrid, the maruder ranger is based around thrown weapons and is also a range/melee hybrid. Both can be found in Martial power 2. 

 I assume you want to play a Striker-role class?

 If you're looking for status effects, play a rogue. Fluff the different status effects as being the use of different weapons. It's difficult (and/or just not possible) for a character to keep up with multiple magical weapons without running out of cash and eventually falling behind on their to-hit rate. Using a ki focus as an Executioner helps with that a bit, but asside from their guild attacks Executioners are all about making basic attacks and don't get many status effects.


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You'll probably want something like the Quick Draw (PH1) feat, or if you can afford it, splash into an Arcane class and score a Disembodied Hand familiar. (free action weapon stow/retrieve)

Not sure how to make a "tons of weapons" build work mechanically though, since most weapons say "when you hit with this weapon" which you won't do much of with tons of +1 weapons instead of a solid main weapon or two, not to mention the cost of the collection.
Well, I don't know about the multiple ranged weapon thing, but there are some fighter powers that change their effects depending on the weapon you wield (you deal more damage if you wield an axe, you get an AC bonus with a sword, etc.).
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