4e player looking for group(maptools)

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Looking for an online group. I'm flexible with my schedule and with my characters. I don't do skype. If anyone wants another player for their campaign, let me know. Cheers.

edit: doesn't necessarily need to be maptools, but any sort of program like that will work.  
I'm developing a new 4e campaign setting and need PCs to help build the gameworld's lore through gameplay. I already have one group but it uses skype text chat. Other solos or groups would use any text chat accessible through Pidgin. RP can be light to heavy, same with puzzles and traps, but mysteries are challenging and I'm light on combat with loose adherence to combat mechanics. Each player in a solo can control up to four PCs, each player in group up to two (max five PCs). If you wish to discuss further, please reply, PM or email through the website.
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