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If I play a Gemstone mine wasting 2 counters on it, if I play then a Selesnya sanctuary bouncing Gemstone mine to my hand, does the counters remain on it or the counters just disappear?
When an object changes zones, it loses all memory of its previous existence.  The counters cease to exist.  If/when you replay the Mine, it will have a fresh allotment of 3 mining counters.
Forgetting you're wearing clothes doesn't make you naked. That it has no memory of its old self is not important here. The actual reason the counters are lost follows:

When an object changes zone, it becomes a new object. Nothing moves the counters from the old object (permanent) to the new one (card in hand), so they effectively cease to exist.

If it were to become a permanent again, that would be yet another object. It would get a fresh set of counters for entering the battlefield, but it won't also have any counters "it" used to have.

121.2. Counters on an object are not retained if that object moves from one zone to another. The counters are not “removed”; they simply cease to exist.

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