Assumed size of party for playtest adventures?

Is there an assumed number of PCs in a party for the given monster numbers in the included adventures such as Caves of Chaos and Reclaiming Blingdenstone?

I've been running CofC with a very small non-magic party of two PCs (they both wanted to be fighters), and I've been modifying the monster numbers based on the Encounter Building chart in the DM Guidelines (mostly average and tough), but I'm trying to figure out how many characters you'd have in a party to just use the built in numbers.

It seems like the built-in monster numbers are suitable for about 3 or 4 PCs (mostly 3) depending on the section you're in.

I'm just curious if the suggested numbers are supposed to be for a default party size, or if they're really just place holders (although if that was the case, it seems like it would make more sense for the adventure document to just say something like "use the DM guidelines to determine the number of monsters).
Hi there Alienux,

We expect playtest groups to be from 3 - 7 players or there abouts. 5 is considered to be the ideal number. I've successfully run a group of 3 through, for example. Caves of Chaos I had no issues with, but I had to take things down a notch for Blingdenstone.

We'd love to see what adjustments, if any, you make for such a small group, or if you don't have to make any at all, that's great feedback information.



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Thanks for the answer, Dragonette.

I'm asking something a little more specific. For example, in Caves of Chaos, section 1 of the Kobold's lair says there are 6 Kobolds in this room. Is it assumed that the DM will use 6 whether there are 3, 4, or 5 players? This obviously would change the difficulty if the player number goes up but the monster number is static. That being the case, if you stick to the 6 Kobolds here, 7 goblins in chamber 17, etc., are those numbers set up with an expectation of 4 PCs?

Is it designed to use the given monster numbers regardless of the number of PCs and that the adventure will then just be easier with more players?