Dwellers of the Forbidden City

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I have been feeling nostalgic and wanted to convert "Dwellers of the Forbidden City" to the Forgotten Realms 3.x campaign setting. Where would you, or have you, located the "Forbidden City" of Xuxulieto on Toril? On the Chultan Peninsula? Somewherane in the "Shining South"? Thoughts?

Anyone willing to share notes of their conversion from 1 to 3.x/4 edition rules?

Do you have Serpent Kingdoms?

I would choose one of the ruined cities of the yuan-ti mentioned in the yuan-ti chapter. You can also download the three regional maps which are quite good and will you and your players a better idea of where the campaign is set.

The short answer: yeah, somewhere in Chult or the Shining South. 
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
PS: Or, of course, in Najara.
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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