Does R/W/U have to be control?

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All I am seeing for R/W/U at the moment is control but are these not the best colours for an aggro deck at the moment? It is a solid deck that doesn't rely on a nut hand to win games.

You get the burn, quality haste creatures, Boros Reckoner, Geist of St Traft, Azorius Charm, Boros Charm and Snapcaster Mage all in one deck.

Am I missing something or is everybody else missing something?

For those interested my current list is:

Any thoughts?

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are these not the best colours for an aggro deck at the moment?

No, I'm pretty sure those colors would be Red, Green, and something. One reason... Emissary.

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The list you posted is hardly aggressive at all, as most of the spells are difficult to cast on time and often just answer something else. Just as GerryT's list isn't a control list, but is able to pick up the role when absolutely necessary. A key point of aggressive decks is that they care about efficiency above all other elements of a card, and tend to keep a "low curve" with exception for a very small number of cards that win the game by being played. The list you posted has 10 3-drop threats. 8 total 4 and 5-drops and more than a few answers to threats presented to you as opposed to an emphasis on keeping your opponent under sufficient pressure. Also, your deck is very suspect to not drawing enough land to power out a considerable number of your threats, which is something aggressive decks actively avoid doing.
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Looks like a solid midrange concept, not really seeing what makes it aggro.
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