Spiteful Parasites

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Stand any chance at all? What would help it?

4      Kederekt Parasite
2      Barbed Shocker
3      Underworld Dreams
3      Spiteful Visions
4      Howling Mine
2      Font of Mythos
4      Lighting Bolt
4      Terminate
2      Dismember      
3      Runeflare Trap
2      Incendiary Command
3      Molten Psyche
6      Swamp
5      Mountain
4      Veinfire Borderpost
4      Graiven Cairns
3      Dragonskull Summit
2      Reliquary Tower
It looks like fun but it might be to slow for the current modern format. I love hand hate though and am always interested in its decks
I think you need some pyroclasm it is just so good
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