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I've been out of standard for a while now and I'm a little rusty.  I've been looking at the top decks in recent tournaments, but haven't really played a whole lot.  I like the human reanimator deck, but I'm a little confused about how one sideboards with it.  Here's the 2nd place list from GP Quebec (I'm being real lazy here and just copy pasting the deck, sorry for the lack of links):

2  Blood Crypt
4  Cavern of Souls
2  Clifftop Retreat
1  Overgrown Tomb
1  Sacred Foundry
3  Stomping Ground
3  Sunpetal Grove
3  Temple Garden
4  Woodland Cemetery
23 lands

4  Angel of Glory's Rise
4  Burning-Tree Emissary
4  Fiend Hunter
3  Huntmaster of the Fells
4  Undercity Informer
19 creatures

4  Faithless Looting
3  Farseek
4  Grisly Salvage
3  Mulch
4  Unburial Rites
18 other spells


4  Abrupt Decay
3  Centaur Healer
2  Purify the Grave
3  Restoration Angel
3  Thragtusk
15 sideboard cards

Stop me if I'm wrong, but this looks like a transformative SB.  From the little I played, Human reanimator seems to have lots of trouble against aggro decks, so centaur healer, thragtusk and resto angel seem like pretty obvious anti aggro cards.  Maybe even abrupt decay comes in against aggro?  That's 9 to 13 cards that come in all at once, right?  What do you side out though?  Do you side out the angels and informers to turn into a more midrange kind of reanimator, or do you side out some of the graveyard filling cards and keep some of the combo, in case you can luck into it?  I don't really see it.  I mean, an aggro deck that made it to top 8 probably ran through a bunch of bant midrange, so I don't really see how siding into a bad midrange deck is really the solution.

Here's 4th place from SCG open:

Creatures (22)

  • 4 Angel of Glory's Rise

  • 3 Avacyn's Pilgrim

  • 4 Burning-Tree Emissary

  • 4 Fiend Hunter

  • 3 Huntmaster of the Fells

  • 4 Undercity Informer

Lands (23)

  • 2 Blood Crypt

  • 4 Cavern of Souls

  • 2 Clifftop Retreat

  • 1 Overgrown Tomb

  • 1 Sacred Foundry

  • 3 Stomping Ground

  • 3 Sunpetal Grove

  • 3 Temple Garden

  • 4 Woodland Cemetery

Spells (15)

  • 4 Grisly Salvage

  • 4 Faithless Looting

  • 3 Mulch

  • 4 Unburial Rites


  • 4 Cathedral Sanctifier

  • 1 Centaur Healer

  • 3 Abrupt Decay

  • 2 Olivia Voldaren

  • 2 Sigarda, Host of Herons

  • 3 Duress

This looks a lot more like the SB I've been playing with.  (Well, the duress/sanctifier/decay part at least).  The odd thing is that I was playing with the aristocrat version.  I don't really get sanctifier here.  Unless I'm mistaking, you can't really use them to get infinite life in this version.  In my experience, they were decent enough to slow down aggro decks, but I really liked them because it made comboing out easier (against aggro, infinite life is usually enough to win, regardless of whether you have wolves or not).  If you're just using them to buy time, I would feel more comfortable with centaur healer, no?  And when do Olivia and Sigarda come in?

Can anyone shed light on how to SB with this deck?

First list, you want to side out Salvages and Mulches and just become a junk value deck, I think.

I don't actually like the second list. No Farkseek. And no, you cannot gain infinite life with the second list. Sigarda is really nice against Esper because its a hard to kill creature that can win the game on its own. Olivia is good against midrange decks.


No, you can get infinite life with the second one. Burning Tree gives mana, Huntmaster life, and Undercity Informer lets you use mana to sac your guys. The Play-by-Post recruitment hub for the forums. Stop by, join us, and sign up for some games while you are there

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71235715 wrote:
No, you can get infinite life with the second one. Burning Tree gives mana, Huntmaster life, and Undercity Informer lets you use mana to sac your guys.

Yeah, technically, you can if you have 2 shamans, but if you can combo with undercity informer and mill your opponent, why would you care about your life?  My point was that, in the aristocrat list, the Sanctifiers allow you to combo out without huntmaster, so it's basically 8 copies of one of your combo pieces.

I don't actually like the second list. No Farkseek.

Yeah, it plays pilgrim instead.  Not sure if that's better or worse.  Personally, I agree with you, especially in the informer build.  Turn 2 Shaman into farseek is pretty sexy!

Olivia is good against midrange decks.

Makes sense for sigarda.  This I'm not really sure I understand though...  I mean, midrange is already a walk in the park.  Is it meant as an alternate win in case they side in too much hate?
Most likely an alt win-con, might also be for the mirror-killing/stealing all those dudes seems nice.


I've been playing with Humanimator for a while, and toying around with the sideboard is something that I've been doing from the get-go. My current sideboard list I'm trying is:

I don't know if it's right, but I've been messing around with it. 
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