What was happening on Khorvaire during the age of giants?

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I'm considering doing a time hopping Eberron campaign so it might come up. Any ideas?
Khyber is a dark and dangerous place, full of flame and smoke, where ever stranger things lie dormant.
A pristine wilderness inhabited by the progenitor race of the halflings, goblins and orcs* greatly influenced by an unified eladrin empire occassionally forraying into Khorvaire? A powerful empire of lizardfolk and dragonborn oppossing an equal powerful empire of rakshasa's with a huge swatch of no-man's land in between?

One thing I definitely would think about is the fact that giants don't appear to have had a major impact on Khorvaire. The eladrin likely fled here after their defeat by the giants. So something kept the giants out. Considering it appears to be the only continent with an area openly "ruled" by the servants of the Lords of Dust it wouldn't take much imagination that that has something to do with it (which is were my suggestion of a rakshasa and dragonborn empire comes from). Of course, you could also keep it simple, and have the goblins having removed any trace of giants in the area ;)

* These three groups seem to have originated on Khorvaire. For me it is likely that they have the same progenitor race, especially since the Daakani goblins are known to have bred their own species to create goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears.
I would say the rakshasa empire is a little less likely, since the Age of Demons had already ended, and the Lords of Dust were already imprisoned at that point.

That said, the lizardfolk/dragonborn empire seems likely, as well as some yuan-ti strongholds/cities.

The early stages of the goblinoid empire, perhaps several goblinoid city/states which are completely independent of each other.

Also, since we're discussing a time before the Xoriat invasion, it's likely that any and all orcs would still be primitive savages, like those seen in traditional D&D settings.

Halflings also a good idea, but they're likely small in number and isolated from the others.  Doesn't seem likely that they'd be that widespread or common once the goblinoid empire gets rolling.

Also dwarves.  I don't remember if anything says exactly when dwarves migrated from the Frostfell, but they might already be setting up in the Mror mountains already.

Humans, shifters, tieflings, elves, eladrin, half-elves, half-orcs, warforged and gnomes are the only races that I could see nixing from the equation.

If you're playing 4e, you may also want to consider some of the other races.  Goliaths might be present.  Kobolds almost certainly would be.  Minotaurs would, if anything, be even more comon than they are in modern Khorvaire (as would other monsters, such as ogres, oni, gnolls, etc).  Since the Age of Demons is over, there may be some deva walking around, but deva dont typically build their own socirties, so they may be integrated with the goblinoids.   While changelings may not be present, doppelgangers (changeling ancestors) almost certainly would.

I think it's likely that the lizardfolk/dragonoborn would be the only people with a significant "empire" to speak of.  Perhas the minotaurs and/or oni, too, to the west. 
By canon...

- The dwarves don't arrive until -12,000 YK.

- The Dragonborn have an empire in the Q'barra region where they are guarding the prison of the Cold Sun, but it's said that when they expanded over the mountains they ran into the Dhakaani... which puts it at around -15,000 YK.

- The Goblins are said to have established their first kingdoms around -38,000 YK.

- Regarding "All orcs would be primitive before the Xoriat incursion", I don't see why that would be true. In fact, I'd argue the reverse. Canon history states that "Orc nations arise in Western Khorvaire to compete with the Goblin kingdoms" as of -30,000 YK. You could very easily have had Orc nations that were MORE civilized than any that we know today, but that were completely destroyed during the Xoriat incursion. With that said, we know that the Dhakaani dominated the region, so these nations are unlikely to have outshone the Dhakaani. I'll also point to the Silver Flame worshipping Ghaash'kala orcs; they could have been more widespread in the past, and simply been pushed back to the Labyrinth by Xoriat. 

- Changelings: Interesting point. I'll note that Changelings are present in Sarlona; as such, it's possible that they are a widespread race and have a presence in Khorvaire in the past, but it's equally likely that they are a Sarlonan race that migrated to Khorvaire with humanity.

So with all of that said, by canon, the only defined society that would be present on Khorvaire in the Age of Demons is the Dragonborn; the first goblin and orc nations rise in the wake of the Age of Giants, and the dwarves come even later. With that said, that's canon. No one says you have to hold to canon. A few possibilities I'd consider...

- The dwarves came earlier. Given that the dwarven civilization is largely subterranean and is wiped out durin the Xoriat incursion, you could easily propose a more widespread, amazing dwarven kingdom... and then have people find its subterranean ruins in the present.

- Goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins are all derivations of the same race. It's been suggested that this was the result of applied eugenics. So hey, present a goblin progenitor race. Try this on for size: There's a goblin progenitor race no one has ever seen in the present day. Their nation is led by some sort of amazing wizard-king. They are extremely magically advanced and are engaging in applied eugenics. In fact, this is all the work of a Lord of Dust (who could be the wizard-king, or not) working to create the situation required to release his Overlord. Perhaps that Overlord is released; perhaps the Bugbear/Hobgloblin slave races rise up and destroy their creators. Either way, the chaos that follows destroys the civilization and causes the surviving goblins to shun arcane magic, which is why it's not a big think for the Dhakaani. If the Overlord is released, well, it could be the work of the time-traveling PCs (along with the Silver Flame worshipping Ghaash'kala orcs) who rebind him.

- If you really want to mess with things, you could suggest that ORCS are the goblin progenitor race (bringing us back to the fact that "orc" and "goblin" mean the same thing in Tolkien); the release of the Overlord breaks their power forever, and the Ghaash'kala orcs remain as the remnant of the ancient demon-binders.

Personally, I use goliaths to represent the half-ogre eneko of Sarlona, so I wouldn't have a goliath culture, but nothing's stopping you from doing it!
Rakshasa are not imprisoned, and Khorvaire is the only continent with an area openly ruled by the Lords of Dust. Hence my speculation that the area might have been bigger in the past and that an open battle was still going on here between the dragons and the rakshasas during the Age of Giants.
Of course, the giants might simply have lacked interest in exploring the oceans and hence never crossed it in earnest (a bit like the Chinese empire during the Ming dynasty: they had the skill to sail to Europe and America, but lacked the will). Khorvaire might have been a lush pristine wilderness inhabitated by the progenitor race for the orcs, goblins and halflings, which might very well be the same race.

For me the time scale is a bit too extreme. Litterally everything can happen in the tens of thousands of years we are discussing. 40.000 years ago Europe was covered in ice and Neanderthalers still lived here. In 8000 years human civilization landed on the moon and conquered the world and that was with a couple of major setbacks. Who knows how many kingdoms could have rissen and fallen during the Age of Giants in the region? Personally I like Keith's idea of the progenitor race/empire, and would extend it also to include halflings and orcs.
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