Mono-Red Nivmagus Storm

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Taking Gerry T's list and trying to streamline it down to one color. LGS is running its first modern event end of this month, and I think I want to play something like this. I'm wary of investing in Fetches, because this may not happen regularly. Hoping it will though.

I'm hoping that the less-varied manabase will boost consistancy a bit. Also, mono-red lets me abuse Simian Spirit guide to cast additional real spells.

Things I'm not sure about:
Faithless Looting - Ideally, a way to pitch costly spells in hopes of finding freebies. Ultimately, not sure if it is worth the mana here. 

Double Cleave - Gerry's list ran Tainted Strike as a way to double up on Nivmagus counters. Double cleave simply gives me 6 assault strobes.

Storm Elemental - Worst case scenario, this gives me a hefty threat turn two. Cast 3 or 4 spells, eat them with nivmagus, cast this guy. End turn with a 7/8 and a 5/5 on board.

Simian Spirit Guide - Could just be another free spell, but at the same time, I need extra mana for redundancy (double cleave and Grapeshot). Is the ability to cast cleave/shot/looting on turn two (plus other spells) worth losing 4 spell slots to mana? Can I cut back on a land or two given 4 simians? I want to ensure that I hit my first 2 land drops. After that, I don't care.

I'm throwing myself to the sharks here. My only request is no fetches. Oh, and I'm not putting in Pact of Negation unless this thing proves to run super well.

Thanks in advance.
You may want to take out the faithless lootings for more grapeshots
Storm puts cpoies of itself on the stack so nivmagus elemental can exile the copies
So if you get out nivmagus then t2 play 3 spells then a grabshot you can get rid of all 8 for a 9/10, athough the ground rift implies that you know this
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