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As shown in the title, this is a new thread differentiating itself from the previous to assuage confusion. Quest for a DM.

Due to unforseen cicumstances our current DM has had to throw in his crown, so our five man team are in the market for a new DM.
We were playing Keep on the Shadowfell, but didn't get very far; so we don't mind replaying that. Or something different.

Please post on here or PM me, if you're interested.

Very much still looking for a DM.
Just a bump to let people know we're still looking.

Some additional info:

We played D&D proper before, on the Roll 20 site. And I'm afraid we're not looking for anything outside the D&D world.


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Hey, thanks for the suggestion, but we're not a PbP group. We prefer to use a program such as the website Roll20 and talk over Skype.
Hi Micropanic. I have a Keep on Shadowfell game starting up at RPGTableOnline. Adventure is completely written up, mapped, ready to go. I was DMing this via PlayByPost but the complexity of 4e via pbp is daunting and leads to unending chaos and ill will so sticking to retro's when it comes to pbp from now on.

For more info:


Hey Rob,

I had a look at the thread, unfortunately, the time difference stated is too much. As when 9pm is for you, it'll be 3am for us.
Cheers for the invite though, and I hope you and your group have a great time!

So we're still looking folks!

I am a DM looking for a game to run and I have a few questions.
1.What times would we be playing?
2. What programs do you use for the table and voice chat?

What are the chances? I spend weeks trying to find a new DM, and I get two in quick succession.
Really sorry man, but the other guy messaged me just before you did.

We are looking for one more player however, would you be interested in that?
If not, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding another group who'd want you as DM. :P

Edit: We are now full. Thanks to everyone who showed interest and apologies for those who couldn't get into the group.
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