Rogue Trickster Rides Again

I got a chance to play online with a group of players via the RPG Table Online.  I used my Rogue, Kylo, from a previous game with the same DM.  We played this adventure at level three and here is a Kylo highlight reel:

Kylo Tinskin

Summary: 27 Point Buy

Kylo Tinskin
3rd Level Male Hill Dwarf Rogue (Trickster)
Medium Humanoid
AC 15 (Studded Leather+Dex)
Hit Points  ( 21 ) HD 3d8
Speed 5 (25 ft)
Senses-Low Light Vision, Stonecunning, Resilience, DWT
Str  11 (0)  Dex 14 (2)  Con 12 (1)
Int  10 (0)  Wis 14  (2)   Cha 14  (2)
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common, Dwarven
Tricks-Charming Presence, Feint, Distract, Trap Sense, Superior Footwork
Feat-First Strike, Improved Initiative
Traits-Spy (Contact)
Skills-Disable Device, Gather Rumors, Persuade, Knowledge (dungeoneering)
Skills-Disguise, Listen, Search, Sneak, Sleight of Hand
Skill Mastery - Skill Dice 1d6
Sneak Attack / MDD 2d6
Melee Attacks— Quarterstaff : +3 to hit, 1d8/1d6+2  Dagger: +3 to hit, 1d4+2
Ranged Attack— Longbow : +3 to hit, 1d8+2  
Studded Leather(25), Quarterstaff, Dagger(2), Longbow(50), Quiver and 20 arrows(1), adventurer's kit(9), traveler's clothes, Thieves Tools(25), Disguise Kit(25), Belt pouch(1)

Kylo focused mostly on rogue tricks this time around and less on hitting with bow or staff.  The other rogue(assassin), fighter, and radiant lance cleric had formed a nice fighting team and it gave my rogue some room to use some of his tricks.  As I had expected, past level one, this rogue began landing more tricks and allowed for more interesting combats.  Combats lasted longer.

As a one shot, I didn't try any rogue stuff on the villagers and farmers.  I wanted to get into the meat of the adventure so I held off picking pockets and gathering info.  We tracked the enemy and started with the guard.

HulkHoegun, an ogre, was at the cavern entrance and detected Kylo.  I just want to say right now, that the dice were really crazy.  Yeah, so the ogre was thinking a lone dwarf shouldn't be so hard.  Good thing the other guys were hidden.  The ogre didn't have time to warn of intruders as the fast wood elf fighter and assassin began combat and the ogre lasted three rounds.  I used Distract on the ogre during a turn and that worked out well for the fighter.  But hitting with my bow was painfully sad.  I think the fighter killed the ogre because he was the only PC hitting.  Like I said, rolls were crazy.  I am glad I picked up Improved Initiative at level 3.  I will remember to take that at level 1 next time.

The gnolls and orcs at the guard wall was our hardest battle.  Mostly because the dice were CRAZY.  With the first round out of the way, I was looking at the map and thinking, we might be looking at a TPK.  It was well for us when the assassin began cleaving and using fearful display.  That is when the battle changed and we swept them.  The fighter had to go defensive stance and was using reactions/MDD to protect and parry.  He was on the wall surrounded like a champ at Helms Deep.  The cleric channelled divinity and I think cast a cure or two.  Kylo rolled low with attacks but I believe he landed a Distract and a Feint.  I hit one time with the staff but forgot to roll MDD. 

In passage to the next encounter, Kylo saved the lives of the entire party by finding a pit trap.  He was amazing.

The boss encounter started with Kylo being first on initiative.  Now you know, when the trickster rogue wins initiative on the final encounter, the encounter goes a little different than KILL IT!  Kylo led the encounter with a string of successful Charming Presence rolls.  Much to the chagrin of the assassin.  He had a bounty on the bosses noggin.  But the assassin kept hidden and watched for the right moment to attack as Kylo tried to parlay with the enemy.  Kylo found an interresting use for the term Dragonborn while trying to persuade the boss to give up the plot treasure.  Eventually the encounter turned out consistent with the fate of bandits haggling with bandits.  Our good DM decided to contest the proposition by having a champion vs champion duel.  We accepted of course, and I happily announced our champion wood elf fighter.  The crazy dice were on our side and the fighter nearly decapped their champion on the first swing.  And as their champion lay dead we thought for a moment that the boss would yield up the plot treasure but suddenly two arrows came flying out of nowhere, targetting the BBEG.  After those two crazy dice rolls we heard some profanity from somewhere located in the shadows.  Our assassin rarely spoke but, because of many crazy dice rolls, spoke quite colorfully at times.  Luckily, the assassin had the ambusher feat, and the DM allowed me to try and con our way out of that.  But my Charming Presence stalled at that point and we got into some mad melee.  Needless to say, we won.  Kylo failed to land anything during BBEG combat, but that was okay.

Kylo was 1 for 4 vs bad guys' AC, 1 for 1 on traps, 3/4 on Charming Presence, 2/4 on Distract, and I believe 1/2 on Feint.  All in all not too bad.  I think Kylo hung in there with bounded accuracy and there was enough chance of failure to make each dice throw a thriller.  Rolling contests seems to be way on the side of luck so Kylo's tricks impressed on me the swingy weight of chance.

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Kylo was great as a face and enabling style leader (I was the assassin with cleave, ambusher and display deadliness).
The thing about our characters is that they were able to roll down two different avenues of concept meanwhile coming from one class.  That is a big plus for me.  Good job, WoTC.

I am uncertain the fate of the trickster.  A really high Charisma with advantage would warp encounters so much that players may not enjoy the trickster shaking things up all the time.  Then again, with such swingy contests, the trickster may be too hard to play effectively.

"The Apollo moon landing is off topic for this thread and this forum. Let's get back on topic." Crazy Monkey

yeah, rolls are really crazy. Cyber-dave has a whole thing about bell curves and greater reliablity there in but I seem to see  the outliers way to much.
Great report and recount Miladoon! I also like how the two Rogue builds played differently.
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