D&d 3.5 Online sessions (skype&maptools)

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Planning on starting weekly sessions of gameplay on sundays around noon PST,
I'll be Dm'ing and would prefer experienced players in proper roleplaying. However, always willing to work with anyone and can easily help teach.
If your interested Pm, or any general questions post here. Im hesitant to take on strangers with friends I know so an aquaintance would be apreciated. The level range will begin around level 1 and increase as the story progresses. Races are limited to players hand book 1 and 2 for the time being but will be later allowed after more of the world is explored.
Yo. Ive recently gotten into dnd and would be interested in joining in the group. I have quite a few books and a good working knowledge of the game. Ive gotten a taste with a game that I am in currently, though its a bit fast tracked so that I can catch up with another game my friends are playing with. I would really enjoy a good solid game and make some new friends. Add me on Skype! Benji1125 or email me back. Not sure how these forums work LOL
nat20 games is a Rpg group over skype

we have:
A built in dice roller
virtual char sheets
a ton of freindly members who can help you with any of youre problems
our group number at about 25 people who love rpg, we are a comunity of ppl who make finding a game easy

still not sure ? come have a conversasion with me and see if its right for you my skype is Excile747