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The villain has an orb that stores the souls of true dragons slain by certain swords. The swords rest in a dungeon near Sharn. The heroes' patron is an army man who wants capable heroes motivated by duty or coin to accompany him on a journey to Thrane, where he has to take a package - and the less info divulged the better. For the swords to work, a certain artefact must be assembled (I'm thinking a staff with gemstone slots that soul-absorbing stones fit into) before the souls of the true dragons (the ten Khorvaire dragon examples in Dragons of Eberron) can be absorbed. Why does she want ten dragon souls? I was thinking because dragons killed her family (or lover) and the soul/s doesn't want to come back because she's a misguided, avenging mess (or because they knew she'd be like this and won't come back while she's thus). 

Should I go with this? I know it's fairly typical, but hey, D&D is about adventuring and having fun, not being artistic and original etc (though if you can make it both fun and original, more power to you!). 

Is there anything that I should consider? The woman is not into combat herself, nor in doing the dirty work. Hence the hired swords. Also plausible deniability. Also she's fond of being the boss (she has a high power political position, if not noble then definitely aristocrat). She's a bitch, and has to be to have a position of power. 
Is she the major villain in your campaign? If not, she is asking a heck of a lot.

If she is, simple revenge doesn't make sense with such a huge plot. Maybe she is trying to re-align the entire politics of a region by throwing askew the local power, via the dragons.

Maybe she is a sorcerer (or even a wizard) looking for "help" to gain great powers via these dragons.

Maybe she is a person or (secret) succubus looking to ascend to godhood or demonlord status by absorbing these dragon souls.

Maybe she is just a crazy, dragon fanatic. Maybe she is trying to gather the souls of dragons to either become one herself, or to redefine the nature of dragons in the world through new composite species.

In any case, even if she doesn't like getting her hands dirty, she should be immensly powerful to even be able to concoct and control such a plan.

EDIT: what you have here is the archetypal "villain who won't." You have to determin ethe reason behind why she won't.
*She can't: she isn't strong enough to reach her goals alone. Thus, anyone she convinces to help her is stronger than her, and if they find out the truth, they can easily stop her.
*She can, but doesn't want to risk it. She may be more powerful than the people she convinces to help her, but she isn't willing to take the risk and wants to make disposable lackies do the dirty work for her.
*She can, but she's busy. What she wants the PCs to do is but one part of a greater plan, and she's too busy working on the other elements to deal with what she's having the PC's do.
*She can, but can't afford to. Maybe she is a high-ranking member of some society and it can't be known what she's doing. Her defeat may not just mean her death; it may be politics that prevent her from actively performing the deeds she wants the PCs to do. While the public learning her goals may not kill her, it may ruin her politically or socially and she's not willing to risk that.
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