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This is my first serious campaign, as I've played a few but we acted stupid the whole time. I'm rather excited to do it seriously. My DM has requested a backstory for my character, and I've been giving it serious thought. I'm thinking that maybe his mother, an elf, was raped by a wandering group of mercenaries in the forest. She belonged to a very anti-human elven society, and it turns out the mercenaries were human. When she gives birth to him, she was shunned. She raises him in the forest until he's about 15, then she tells him the story of how and why he was born. All she can remember about the group that raped her, is that try wore iron chains with iron hand pendants on the chain. After telling this story, she gives in to depression and dies. He was distraught, so he wandered out of the woods. He came across a small town, and in it, was a bard telling stories of fabulous heroes. He fell in love with the art of storytelling, and became a bard. He also found he was a natural with a lute. That's all I've got so far, but I've been considering other things. Maybe he is racist towards humans, and tells other people he is a full blooded elf. We've also considered having another one of my party members playing an older character, who turns out to be the half-elfs father. Any suggestions and opinions are appreciated.
My opinion would be that it sounds rather convoluted.

Living alone in the forest as a mother and child sounds like a really dangerous thing in DnD. Unless the mother is some kind of high level class herself, but then she would have resources to go after the rapists.
And choosing to live alone and putting yourself in a vulnerable position doesn't sound very logical to me either, I'd think that any kind of community, even a human one might be a better idea.

Suddenly telling the story, doesn't sound logical to me either. She would tell him, or not, as he grows up. And then the whole directly dying after that. If they were living in the forest, it's much more likely that the mother had constantly mentioned it as the reason they were there. Hate works much better if it gets time to grow and mature.

As a relatively young elf, I would much more likely think the mother would be afraid of outliving her child. Why the whole depression thing? A mother who's alive somewhere is much more interesting. The whole role of the mother sounds way to passive, it's not a believable character.

Also, I find it unlikely that someone who grew up in a woods all by themselves, would suddenly make a good Bard. If he was a Ranger or Druid, maybe, but a Bard?

The whole story sounds to me like you just threw a few things together. It doesn't sound like a story that makes sense.

Finally, a question like this might get more and better answers in the Character Design subforum, even if your character isn't meant for 4e.

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I once asked the question (in D&D 3.5) "Does a Druid4/Wizard3/ArcaneHierophant1 have Wildshape?". Jesse Decker and Andy Collins: Yes and the text is clear and can't be interpreted differently. Rich Redman and Ed Stark: No and the text is clear and can't be interpreted differently. Skip Williams: Lol, it's worded ambiguously and entirely not how I intended it. (Cust. Serv. Reference# 050815-000323)

Human diplomat has affair with elven cook. Diplomat recalled to home kingdom. Child raised in resturaunts and is taught to wait tables and sing for tips,eventually apprentices with an elven baed who is interested in his mom.

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Where's the optimization question? I'm with Roger on his final point.
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