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Really trying to find as much as I can on names for a character I am creating from Rashemen. Starting with a name, but will take links to anything Rashemen.  Thanks in advance.
Hello dragonwing32,

Check out this thread on these here forumes, from back in 2009. It should give you a small list of names and several books/resources you can perhaps find and use.

Good luck.
Annoyingly, we were supposed to be getting a Rashemen article by one of the Brothers James last year in September, IIRC.

It hasn't been published and I can't get a reply as to why.

Anyway, it will be a while before I can run a campaign involving a Dread Ring and Rashemen. ;) 
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
Thank you for the quick reply.  I'll delve into some of the "what's in a name" websites out there and put my imagination to work. 
I'll also check out  some of the books mentioned in the link.
Books 4 and 5 of Brotherhood of the Griffon (The Masked Witches and Prophet of the Dead) are based in Rashemen. Maybe a good idea to have a read of these to get some ideas for names?

I started a campaign last thursday which will eventually involve Rashemen in a large way so I did some googling before that:

Best piece of information I found 

Their most common enemy, the Thay

A wiki on Rashemen containing more history info and foods

Cities and sites of Rashemen, including a map for Immulsantir

Map of Mulsantir

You can find a 4e map of Rashemen itself in the back of the forgotten realms campaign guide, though a pre-4e map should also be available if you google for it. The good thing about Rashemen is that there are a lot of good sources available thanks to the Mask of the Betrayer NWN2 videogame expansion which took place in Rashemen. Though these sources may be pre-4e (the whole mystra explosion thing) lorewise, but should provide an adequate image of Rashemen no matter the age.

Good luck