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So I have been playing Naya humans the last couple of weeks and although I do like the aggro a bit, it seems to be running out of steam.  I have been thinking about a deck where I can still compete through the middle rounds.  Here's what I got and your input would be greatly appreciated.

Creatures 25
Domri Rade x2
Angel of Glory's Rise x3
Ghor-CLan Rampager x3 
Boros Reckoner x4
Boros Elite x3
Frontline Medic x3
Huntmaster of the Fells x4
Nearheath Pilgrim x3
Spells 13
Rancor x2 
Boros Charm x4 
Farseek x2
Triumph of Ferocity x2
22 various premium lands

The idea is to get to the middle rounds and be able to draw more creatures with Domri Rade and Triumph of Ferocity then have everyone come back with an Angel of Glory's Rise

any thoughts???    
curently you have 23 creatures which is low to lay domri rade - still the fight spell but...

the angel is too expensive for this deck and too few humans

the pilgrim isnt very good and neither is triumph - neither is bad though.

rancor seems alittle out of place here

seems like you need a little more direction...theres a pretty good glory's rise/reanimation deck to be built

or just drop the 1-2 drops and get a bit more ramp and more 3-5 cost guys. mizzium mortars loves midrange - u can do worse than wrecking ogre and vorapede for this sort of deck.
If you are gonna use Domri Rade effectively you need alot more creatures. In the deck I made using him I had 30 Creatures/2PW/4Spells and 24lands (including Kessig Wolf Run) and it worked really well. Using things like Ghor-Clan Rampager and Kessig Wolf Run make Rancor not needed for the deck. 

Angel of Glory Rise is a great card but honestly I agree with rawsugar here you don't have enough humans to make it worth it. Also the casting cost is too high unless you run alot more ramp for it by adding things like Avacyn's Pilgrim and a full playset of Farseek. Your land count should be atleast 23 but 24 would be best if you keep it in. The best way to get out Angel of Glory's Rise is with Unburial Rites which is why so many decks are  based on that combo right now.

Good humans that might help are Silverblade Paladin and I was suprised you didn't add any Champion of the Parish.

Mayor of Avabruck works well with Huntmaster of the Fells and can be used to boost your other creatures also most of the time.

Herald of War has a bit more friendly casting cost that can help cast the Angel of Glory's Rise faster but its not a human so not sure if it would help out in the long run.

Bomber Corps could take the place of Searing Spear to get the infinate life combo going with Boros Reckoner/Nearheath Pilgrim/Boros Charm or Frontline Medic.

I hope this helps GL!