Corpses: Are they nonliving objects?

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Okay, so in a homebrew campaign me and my friends are running, which involves a fair amount of necromancy/undead related things, my character is starting to get rather interested in becoming a necromancer.  We're level six right now and after finding some magic crossbows mounted on pedastals that were automated defenses in a dungeon, my character was able to reprogram one with Arcana to shoot at random enemies.  I've been carting it around on my Tenser's Floating Disk for now, but I've been looking for ways to repurpose it to be even more ridiculous/sily/whatever.  I was looking through rituals that involve that sort of thing, and Mordenkainen's Binding says it can join two nonliving objects together.  And also the Undead Servitor ritual, because my character, again, is borderline evil.  Could I use the binding ritual to fuse the pillar to a dead body, the ressurect it as an undead servitor to follow me arround and randome fire off bolts, or does that cross so sort of rule or do corpses not count as nonliving objects because at one point they were living, or is this a purely DM discrection sort of thing?
Dm discrection. That being said, it does sound neat if anything.

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Non-living, unliving, undying, immortal. Could be any. There is also a question of whether they are objects. But if it's cool and won't break the game, then your DM should have no issues with it.
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I've personally been persuaded by others on this forum that NOTHING the players do in a campaign can possibly be considered "broken,"

... if they understand ahead of time that doing anything extra-powerful, that the villains never realized possible, will inspire said villains to try to do it too, and some of them could very well turn out to be able to do so once they learn it's possible

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That makes sense. However, it is not fair to continually attack those that benefit for being, somehow, deviant for deriving enjoyment from something that you cannot. Instead, alignment is continually is demonized...and those that use it are lumped in with it.


I think there is more merit in a situation where someone says "This doesn't work! It's broken!" and the reply is "Actually it works fine for me. Have you considered your approach might be causing it?"


than a situation where someone says "I use this system and the way I use it works really well!" and the back and forth is "No! It is a broken bad system!" -YagamiFire

 According to the Grab rules, a corpse is a non-living object for the purposes of picking it up and carrying it, but that's as far as the rules go towards covering this situation...

Technically, it's probably within the rules to glue your magic cannon to your walking luggage rack, but after that it's entirely up to DM discretion.


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Technically, I don't think this would work (animated corpse is a non-living creature, not an object). That said, rule of cool and DM fiat may make this okay.
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animated corpse is a non-living creature, not an object

Correct, but the OP is indicating that he wants to do this before animating the corpse, since (unanimated) corpses are normally handled/targeted as objects.

Yeah, this is all just rule of cool. Of course it will work. Of course it is also perfectly possible that the resulting monstrosity will end up getting possessed by demons, going berserk, and destroying half of the town... ;) Or the ritual might require some extra special components, or etc.
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