Sniping every round: Improved Bow Feint

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Hello there

In an effort to optimize a ranged rogue sneak attacker I discovered the feat Bow Feint (Dr#350). So I though if a feat that makes feinting in combat a move action exists (Improved Feint), why shouldn't a feat that does the same for ranged feint exist?
Now, while feinting in (melee) combat doesn't even require a feat, doing the same in ranged combat does. Also, back in 3rd edition there was a feat in Song and Silence, p.40 named Quicker Than the Eye that allowed ranged feinting as a move action and required Dex 19. Considering that Bow Feint has Int 13 as a prerequisite, I would surmise that if someone wanted to be able to feint from a range, he would have to be both smart and quick. Considering all of the above, here is my suggestion on Improved Bow Feint:

You are expert in misleading an opponent in combat from a distance.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Dex 19, Bow Feint
Benefit: You can make a Bluff check to feint from a distance in combat as a move
action. See Bow Feint description for details.
Normal: Feinting in combat from a distance is a standard action.
Special: A fighter may select Improved Bow Feint as one of his fighter bonus
feats (see PHB page 38).

I'm eager to hear suggestions/ remarks/ opinions.