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Hey guys, this is my White/Green human Aggro deck, meant to be super fast. It needs some fine tuning to take it over the top. I will post explanations of cards, as well as cards that I have taken out in the past. You guys can discuss and correct my reasoning, maybe I can even learn more about the game from this thread. Thanks guys!!! 

1 Cavern of Souls - I know I need four, but I am in the process of getting them!


4 Champion of the Parish - My main man, the engine of this deck

4 Boros Elite - A good one drop, cheap with a good batallion effect. Also triggers Champ.

4 Experiment One - He can at most evole up to 3, so I'm think about taking him out. However, he is a cheap human, better than Avacyn's Pilgrim in this deck I believe.

4 Rancor - Used for direct damage, I put it on Champ or Silverblade. Always comes back to my hand unless countered. Conflicts with Thalia though.

4 Thalia, Gaurdian of Thraben - An awesome, cheap human, slows down control decks and every other deck massively. I have four because she always gets removed quick. This card has saved my butt alot.

4 Nearheath Pilgrim - Pair him with Champ and Rancor sometimes, great cheap human.

4 Daring Skyjek - A 3/1 for 2! I haven't play tested this yet, but he seems like a great addition to this deck.

4 Mayor of Avabruck - Helps my other humans, and flips to put out 3/3's every turn for slow games.

4 Silverblade Paladin - Amazing card, use him with Champ to completely over run.

1 Frontline Medic - I only have one of this card, and I am looking for more. His batallion is great and I need opinions on this card. [/deck]

 Overall that's 16 One drops (27%), 16 Two drops (27%) 5 Three drops (8%) and 23 Land (38%)


4 Fiend Hunter - The ONLY removal in this deck. Drawbacks are: Can only remove creatures, costs 3 mana.

2 Angel of Glory's Rise - Used to turn games around, too high drop to main deck.

2 Rest in Peace - Shuts down flashback, grave power, scavenge, etc. Seems good with the current meta.

3 Otherworld Atlas - This is used for slow games, if I can't get the cards I need against a low damage control deck, etc.

4 Bioshift - I use this when my Champ starts getting targeted a lot.

A couple cards I am considering or have had in this deck previously are..
Champion of Lambholt - I used this for direct damage. However, by turn 3, I should be swinging hard and this card is slow. I took 4 of him out for Silverblade Paladin

Avacyn's Pilgrim - A one drop human, didn't think I needed more ramping though.


I don't see any reason to not play Burning-Tree Emissary in this deck, using the red mana as a generic mana. The Shaman is just too good in any tempo deck.

Furthermore, not a huge fan of Nearheath Pilgrim (doesn't sound offensive enough, really), but it might give you the edge against other aggressors.
I had Burning Tree, but it was at the time when I had Champion of Lambholt and I always got screwed over with the second green mana. Definitely a card to revisit though. So you would remove the nearheath pilgrims for it?
I was more thinking of more Medics, but you already indicated that. With the possibility to ramp quite destructive the indestructable battalion is a must. 

The Shaman might indeed suck regarding your amount of white onedrops (nothing wrong with those though).  
Would you run 4 Medics or 3? I don't want to slow the deck down too much, I'd actually like to make it a lot faster.

Edit- Aditional thoughts on the shaman. The addition of a main decked Fiend Hunter would make that a worse choice, but more green humans (Avacyn's Pilgrim) could make it better. There would have to be a good 2/3/4 drop green win condition that would make this card worth the ramp. That's taking into consideration the LARGE amount of free counters/early combo damage a couple of these can do early game.
Sorry for the double, but are there any other cards like Champion of the Parish?
Play 4 Burning-Tree Emmisaries.
They are an incerdibly good card in a fast agro deck.

I'd lose the Skyjeks for it.  Yeah theyre a 3/1 but they'll mostly be trading with 1/1s.
You don't think the batallion will trigger enough to make them worth while? 
any other suggestions for this deck??
Should I attempt to bring back Hamlet Captain?
Bring the Hamlet Captain also think about bringing a Thraben Doomsayer or two, this will help your Champion of the Paris brick up, also it's second ability will help out when your in a pinch. Though watch out for the removal out there.
I think Thraben is way too slow and too costly.
wild beastmaster isn't a bad choice, especially if you can buff its power,as it turns even 1/1 creatures into a big threat.
I don't have cards that buff other than Rancor. That would require a complete reworking of my deck.
I added red to this deck. Don't have a great land base, but I haven't ran into a single problem yet.

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