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Hi all,

A simple question: is mandatory for monsters to take a triggered action if the trigger is set? Or they can just simply choose not to do it? For characters I understand is the latter, they can select to use that action or not, but not quite sure about monsters.


No, they choose.
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Not only do they choose, but there should be a couple of factors in their choice.  First and foremost is the intelligence / wisdom of the monster.  Is it smart enough to make a complex decision (if a complex decision is to be made).  Secondly is whether that choice leads to more or less player fun.

I ran a combat last night that had an invisible lurker that did 3d6 extra damage and blind (SE) with every attack against targets that couldn't see it.  It made a poor stealth check to become hidden at one point so the player ran a pet by it provoking an OA.  My monster was smart enough to notice the pet was not a threat and wasting its big attack on that target wouldn't be worth it.  The party was also having a fairly easy time with the encounter, so I chose not to attack on the basis of "more player fun" as well.

In that situation if the lurker had been less intelligent, or if the party was struggling with the combat I would have attacked. 
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Thank you all!!


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