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I need some help with this deck

Land: 24
4 Simic Guildgate
11 Island
9 Forest 

Creatures: 23
3 Cloudfin Raptor
4 Experiment One 
1 Gyre Sage
3 Shambleshark
3 Zameck Guildmage
3 Elusive Krasis
2 Crocanura
2 Fathom Mage
2 Master Biomancer
Spells: 13
4 Simic Charm
3 Rapid Hybridization
2 Hands of Binding
2 Aetherize
2 Forced Adaptation 

We might be able to help you better if you posted some more details on your deck. Like, what is your plan for victory? Why did you include the cards that you did? What are your goals for them?
The Deck is all about Evolve, basically play creatures and evolve them then use the counters to draw cards and all those shenanigans.
The creatures were chosen so they would evolve every turn so the next creature to be played would idealy have more power or thoughness than the previous one, then just drop Master Biomancer and abuse it Zameck and Fathom provide card draw.
Simic Charm is a must have and Rapid Hybridization is very versatile as an evolve trigger and as (not so good) removal, Hands of Binding work well with Cloudfin and Elusive Krasis. Aetherize for defensive proposites, and Forced Adaptation works well with almost all Evolve cards.

Im probably able to get 2 more Biomancers and a Prime Speaker perhaps.

Any help would be apreciated
Here is a Simic deck I use that runs pretty well, feel free to use it, or to get ideas from.


4x Simic Guildgate
9x Forest
11x Island


4x Cloudfin Raptor
3x Frilled Oculus
4x Crocanura
2x Clinging Anemones
4x Shambleshark
2x Ivy Lane Denizen
3x Drakewing Krasis
2x Leyline Phantom
2x Adaptive Snapjaw


2x Forced Adaptation


2x Burst of Strength
2x Wildwood Rebirth
2x Bioshift


2x Simic Keyrune

Also, it sometimes helps if others could be able to see the cards. To Auto card put a [
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