Decent W,B,U commander?

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Trying to put a decent Commander deck together and I can't seem to find any card that matches the colors i need.
THESE are your options.

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THESE are your options.

I was hoping that there would be more than just those. MTG could really use a nice Esper Legendary. Thanks for the help.
There's plenty of good commanders in that field of colors. I've used a few of them and tey are strong decks.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

Chromium - hey, it was called Elder Dragon Highlander for a reason. However, it's not the best of them.

Dakkon Blackblade - he gets big. That's all.

Dromar, the Banisher - with three colors, you risk bouncing your own permanents. Play around it or don't use him.

Ertai, the Corrupted - use things that like to be sacrificed.

Halfdane - another one that can be big, and nothing else.

Lady Evangela - could be useful against "voltron" commanders (the ones that buff themselves and attack to try and get a 21-commander-damage victory). Except those tend to have hexproof or shroud so they don't die to removal.

Merieke Ri Berit - Hey look, a decent one! You still need to play around to change what she stole.

Sen Triplets - It's getting better! One opponent can't do things in your turn, and you can get his things instead.

Sharuum the Hegemon - Artifact reanimation FTW. She's the one I'd use.

Zur the Enchanter - There's a good number of combos you can get working with him.

On Dromar, you can use him with things like Suture Priest and Blood Seeker that make your opponent really, really hate you. Also, ETB effects. Use your Mulldrifter repeatedly.
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Zur the Enchanter is amazing, the fact that you place enchantments on the battlefield attached means it doesn't target, Attack 1, Shroud, Attack 2, Daybreak Coronet. Sick deck.
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                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

people vastly underestimate at a glance how powerful merieke ri berit can be... Shes removal, shes control,  shes in colors that can heavily control the board.   
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