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Well at first glance it's 70 cards with 21 lands, whereas a typical deck would want 24 in 60 to work well. But yeah, as you've noted it's very unfocused. It looks like there's the skeleton of a couple of decks in this, and you need to pick out a perticular strategy and run with it.

The biggest thing is Proliferate, but it doesn't really have a huge amount or counter to Proliferate with (and a lot of what it does have are things like Instil Infection, which I'm guessing is mostly there for the sake of making Proliferate do something but still doesn't justify its slot).

The other potential deck I see is Zombies. There are lots of guys here that can take advantage of Zombies, and you could bring that up with more tribal things like Diregraf Captain and Undead Warchief, and maybe some more token production (although I think Zombies can be fine without tokens).

So yeah, at the moment I'm guessing most of the impact of this deck comes from attacking with Zombies, and Proliferate is just sort of humming away in the background not doing a huge amount. You could drop Proliferate and focus on Zombies, or go big on both and make a Zombie Proliferate deck. At the moment it just sort of has both those elements, and doesn't really do either to much of an extent. It plays a couple of Zombies, then Contaminated Ground, then Tragic Slip, then maybe Disentombs a dead Zombie and so on. In that situation, it's not really getting any closer to its goal.

The best thing at first would be to decide exactly how you want the deck to win. Do you want a lot of Zombies with +1/+1 counters? Some kind of Gempalm Polluter/Lord of the Undead trick? Attacking into a board cleared by Noxious Ghoul? Once you know exactly what it is that is supposed to kill off your opponents, you can use that as a core and build a deck to make it happen.
i want to keep creatures off the opponets side with negative counters then overrun them with zombies preferably cheap costed which is why i have proliferate but i think i might need something like in order to make that work
Decks similar to what you want to play usually run cards such as Crumbling Ashes, Blowfly Infestation, and/or Kulrath Knight to control the board. Black Sun's Zenith is often found in them, too.

To tie zombies into the mix, you might try the Infect creatures from Scars of Mirrodin block. You could infect opponents and their creatures, and then proliferate them all to death.
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