Replacing the Maps from D&D Encounters

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Hi everyone, 

I was jsut wondering if anyone knew if the maps in the dnd encounters modules were ever reprinted in other modules/map packs.

I'm specifically curious about season 5 (Evard), but any and all input is appreciated.

FWIW [4e designer] baseline assumption was that roughly 70% of your feats would be put towards combat effectiveness, parties would coordinate, and strikers would do 20/40/60 at-will damage+novas. If your party isn't doing that... well, you are below baseline, so yes, you need to optimize slightly to meet baseline. -Alcestis
A map from the "Shattered Keeps" map pack is used in the current season of Encounters. I'm sure there are more.

Here is Dungeon's Masters Encounters Map Gallery for reference.

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