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Hi all,

I'm looking for a general consensus as to whether you think this character will rock, be useful, be fun to play, thematically fits, etc.  I'll be playing a Swordmage/Psion Hybrid.  The group I'll be playing with will be balanced with a slight lean to striking and will be weakest in our defenders as we will only have one character who's a hybrid pally/cleric.  My plan of attack is to create summoned creatures, debuff enemies with -to hit, and hinder enemy melee units drastically.  I'll primarily be functioning as a ranged controller, but want the swordmage hybridization to greatly enhance my defenses and to rock his mark ability.  Provided we make it to the Epic Tier, I'll be taking a swordmage epic path as well and doing a cheese combo I thought of.

Presently, my party is level 13 so if I replaced my character I'd join in at this level.   

First off, the theme.  He's going to be wandering human adventurer who looks very unassuming.  He's going to use gloves of storing where he'll keep his sword in until he needs it for combat.  He's going to keep a ritual book for warding rituals in the other glove.  He'll have the psion's creation discipline power to create mundane items (DM will be cool with it) in lieu of the other class powers available.  He'll be wearing cloth armor and he'll have an absence amulet so no one will be able to track him or see magic items on him.  So apart from food and water he will be travelling very light indeed.

Disclaimer: My DM likes pitting us against stronger than normal encounters and as such is very lenient on stats & gear.  My stats below are with bonuses and match my current guys point total.

Important: My group does NOT have access to dragon magazine or online resources.  We only play with what is printed in the hardcover books where we have almost all of them.

STR: 17 CON: 20 DEX: 11 INT: 23 WIS: 11 CHA: 18
Defenses unbuffed (includes swordmage warding): AC: 30  Fort: 27  Ref: 28  Will: 29
Hitpoints: 103
Skills Trained: Acrobatics, Athletics, Arcana, Bluff, Perception
Power Points: 8
Initiative: +6
Movement: 6
Saves: +2 all 

Bloodthread armor +2 (phb) lvl 10   <--- +2 to ac saves while bloody as property
Absence amulet +3 (AV1) lvl 12
Githyanki Silver Weapon +3 (MOTP) lvl 14  <--- really like this as all attacks become psychic
Circlet of mental onslaught (AV1) lvl 11
Gloves of Storing (AV1) lvl 9
Diamond Bracers (AV1) lvl 9
Elven Chain Shirt (MME wonderous item) lvl 9
Exodus Knife (AV wonderous item) lvl 12
Ritual book (includes rituals included in feat mark of warding), food rations, water pouch(s), money pouch, backpack, gold & expensive gems

Swordmage Warding (hybrid)
Bardic Dilettante (phb2)
Unarmored Agility (phb3) 
Mark of Warding (EB)   <--- really like this
Versatile Implement (phb3)
Improved Defenses (hotfl)
toughness (phb)
psychic lock (phb)   <--- really like this
resilient focus (hotfl) 

Paragon Paths:
Dreamwalker (phb3) lvl 11
Arcane Sword (AP) lvl 21 future swordmage epic path <--- my goal is to use swordmages sword chaser assualt lvl27 as an at-will eventually

Mindwipe (phb3) lvl 13 psion
Luring Strike (AP) lvl 1 swordmage
Static Mote (PP) lvl 1 psion (due to human extra at-will)
Kinetic Buffer (PP) lvl 7 psion

Dimensional Vortex (AP) lvl 3 swordmage
Dream Blade (phb3) lvl 11 dreamwalker paragon

Daily Powers:
Force Spheres (PP) lvl 5 psion
Burning Blade (FR) lvl 1 swordmage
Summon Phantasmal Killer (PP) lvl 9 psion

Utility Powers:
Borrow Training (phb3) lvl 2 psion
Unicorn's Touch (AP) lvl 6 swordmage
Impenetrable Warding (FR) lvl 10 swordmage
dream stride (phb 3) lvl 12 dreamwalker paragon

Class Powers:
Aegis of Shielding (FR)
Sword Bond (FR)
Minor Creation (PP)
Manifest Dream Form (dreamwalker paragon)
Majestic Word (phb2) 

Basics of the build.  I'll get the true self summon due to my paragon path at lvl 20 and I'll pick up summon mind wierds at lvl 19 and drop my current summon.  These are both super strong summon abilities in my opinion.  I'll be marking whoever is the toughest and/or most appropriate enemy and then kiting as I don't need to stay next to them for the effect to go off (mitigating damage).  Primarily I'll be using dishearten and static mote at a distance.  Up close I'll generally use kinetic buffer for the increased defense.  Force Spheres and Dimensional Vortex powers will prevent damage and/or help with positioning.  I figure with my fairly high defenses coupled with all of the -to hit I'll be dishing out in addition to my mark ability, he should be hard to hit and cause problems in general if he isn't dealt with. Add in my dreamwalker path and summoned creatures and I should be able to further help hamper enemy positioning.

Your thoughts?
Just one thing I will say,

Having an awesome trick to use at lvl 30 isnt really very awesome, as the campaign is just about over, assuming it even gets there.  Have a think about what you are not getting earlier on in your career and be absolutely certain you are not going to be hanging out for levels and levels of waiting to be good just for a brief moment of awesome.

 Character Development largely deals with story-related stuff, rather than mechanical builds. If you're looking for a critique of your character, repost this in Character Optimization.
 In that forum you can also find links to the Handbooks for those classes written by the regulars in that forum, detailing which powers and feats are best suited to building a very effective member of that class.



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