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Hey all, I'll keep it short, you guys who have the adventure board game system may want to have a look at Dungeon Crusade. It blends the Adventure board game system with the Dungeon Command games, that is suited perfectly for solo and group dungeon runs. If you like killing TONS of monsters, huge boss fights, and huge dungeons to explore, your game has arrived! ......talk to you soon....Groovus This is the big Boss fight at the very end of Dungeon Crusade- The Slaying of Balor scenario,  >> www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKmKyMRiE2M  also a preview of the newest scenario "Lair of the Orcs">>   www.youtube.com/watch?v=76pgdiwszaI    again, check my other videos for all the gameplay and updates, rules and gameplay are still being tweaked, rules will be available for everyone to download and play Dungeon Crusade. Happy gaming all
This looks great!  I checked out some of the youtube vids, but I don't have the time to watch them all to learn how to play.  I hope you will be able to make a file available of the different scenarios you've constructed.  I've been looking for something like this.  If you do put up a file will you post it here or over at BGG.  Thanks, looking forwrd to it.
Hey Tracker! THANK YOU for the intrest, Im grateful...yeah, its gonna be a few weeks before I can get the rules done. But, let me give you a glimpse of what Dungeon Crusade will offer, or my vision of what I would like for myself and yourself and others who enjoy dungeon crawl games.....I got with a cartographer, (someone who makes maps) and he is making me a overworld map for Dungeon Crusade. Im toying with the name of this land "Avalon". And what this map will be is there will be dungeons all over it. Easy dungeons to VERY difficult dungeons. Right now I have 15 planned more to come. You will be able to download this map, and a scenario booklet. It will have how to set up the dungeons, the layout, objectives, what die to use for difficulty, (D8, D10,D12, 2xD8 and if your really crazy a D20.) These dice will refer to when rolled, to how many monsters spawn in the dungeon on the top of a round, known as a "spawn wave". Plus other and other various things. Hopefully you get the picture. I'll leave you with this video....to give you an idea, how 2quickly things can change in Dungeon Crusade, I was about to kill this flesh golem. He had only 1 HP left at the top of a round, watch how my heroes got rolled when I thought I would kill him pretty easily >>>>> www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAIie50hgmw    when Im play testing Dungeon Crusade, I got into some situations, that really had me thinking how to handle these monsters. Some monsters spawn additional monsters in, THAT can get really crazy...I had a Durgar guard spawn in 4 extra monsters because I couldnt reach him because he was on the other side of the dungeon! There were like 11 or 12 monsters I was fighting, it was hectic for sure...but VERY fun, challenging and rewarding to finally beat them....so rules are coming, thank you again! Rodger
Great! Wow, with such an expansive world your describing, have you thought of ways to level up your heroes beyond level 2? 
I think ningadorg  had some rules and cards that allowed a player to do this. But I'm not sure if it would work with your set up.  I think he introduced a mechanic where the number of monsters drawn increases when your characters get to higher levels.

Anyway, it looks challenging and fun.  The painted minis really add to the game wish I knew  how to paint like that.

Hey Tracker, again, thank you for the intrest! Yes, I wish I could add more levels to the heroes, at least level 5. With monsters that would level also. Im going to look at Ninjadorgs mechanic, Im curious about it....also, I didnt paint the minis, I bought all of the painted ones....you dont want me to tell you the cost of that! OMG, it was WAY too much! With all the painted minis for the 3 adventure board games, the 4 dungeon commands, it totalled between $850-$925....(dont tell my girl, OK?
www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-zXNAgIDko   I only wish I added this new system in when I started this project. The heroes now have only visibility on 1 tile around them. Battles are more intense, tactical, faster paced and just plain better. This was in my original game Dungeon Crusade. Have a good day all....Rodger

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