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Ok so I was running Naya humans at FNM.  Super aggro and hoping to get a lot of creatures out there.  I kept running into a problem though.  The problem is that if I did not get a decent draw I was pretty much doomed.  Also, if I didnt get that pressure right off the bat, once the match got into the 5-6 round range I did not have enough fire power to compete.  I did have a couple of matches where I would get a good draw like Champion of the Parish round 1, followed by Burning-Tree Emissary and Lightning Mauler for 7 in the second round.  But like I said these were few and far between.

Any thoughts on how I can make the deck better so that I can still compete past the fifth round without having to depend on the nut draw every match?

I was thinking about adding Domri Rade or maybe Garruk, Primal Hunter I know this could possibly take me away from the super aggro approach but I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance for your input
any help out there???
Can you post your deck please?
Boros Elite x4
Experiment One x4
Lightning Mauler x4
Burning-Tree Emissary x4
Champion of the Parish x4
Boros the Reckoner x4
Mayor of Avabruck x4
Frontline Medic x4
Searing Spear x4
Boros Charm x3

Doesn't look like it functions like a supper aggro deck. I would advise you to leave humans to make a better super aggro deck or stay with humans but not make it super aggro anymore. I don't really think super aggro humans would work well enough to play in a tournament. Idk
Dude! Please Learn How to Autocard!
To Autocard individual cards type [c*]Into the Maw of Hell[/c*] and remove the asterisks to get Into the Maw of Hell or Stuffy Doll. Ta-Da! Autocarded! When Autocarding a deck type: Yay! Now people are actually look at your decklist properly and help you improve it! Excellent! You can tell that I love exclamation marks!
Basics to Building a Solid Deck
1. Try to run playsets of cards (meaning 4 of a card). This way your deck will win more consistently and you will draw your better cards more often. 2. Make sure to focus your deck on one single idea that can win you the game and make sure all the cards in your deck contribute to that idea. You have a limited number of cards so make sure all of them count. For example, your deck could be a Elf Tribal deck, an Aggro aggressive deck or maybe a Control deck. 3. Card advantage is very important. You need to understand that cards the draw you more cards are extremely helpful. The more cards you have in your hand the more options you have. With more options you have a greater chance at winning the game. 4. Removal is also quite important. Most decks more or less should run at least some removal. 5. Last but not least, make sure your deck is exactly 60 cards! Even 61 is not acceptable. Good luck in deck building!
I told you already. This deck is DOOMED in the meta. It's just not consistent enough, and there is way too much t1 removal to disrupt your play.

The only thin you can do is play bigger/slower. Which defeats the entire purpose.


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