Gatecrash Crack-A-Pack 3

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And another C-A-P.  Hopefully this one is as lively as the last one.

Riot Gear
Act of Treason
Shielded Passage
Millenial Gargoyle
Martial Glory
Tin Street Market
Devour Flesh
Greenside Watcher
Hands of Binding
Zhur-Taa Swine
Mental Vapors
Viashino Shanktail
Ordruun Veteran
Godless Shrine

At FNM, I'm gonna take the Shrine quickly for value.  If I absolutely need to win the draft, it's between the Swine, and Devour Flesh.  Black is very powerful in this format, so I might lean toward Devour, but the Swine is super powerful as well.  This is not a particularly strong pack for me, but I think those are the choices.

What do you think???
For me it's Devour Flesh or Hands of Binding. There are only black/blue cards in pack  and there are Shanktail and Swine in red. I think Hands is better card but i don't like Simic. Devour Flesh fit into Dimir and Orzhov and I like both. I take it and I'm ready switch anywhere with pick 2.
I think Devour Flesh is a good pick. Base black decks in the format are usually powerful. You have a lot of creatures all over the curve that you can use. Keeps you open for Orzhov and Dimir which are underdrafted at the moment. Shanktail, Swine, and Martial Glory are cards that will push people into Boros and Gruul so in pack 2 you can get a lot of good stuff coming back your way. 
I think Flesh is a fine pick here. I could also see an argument for the Zhur-Taa Swine hoping to wheel the Watcher.

If you really like Boros, I think you want Glory or Shanktail here.
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Pretty weak pack. Honestly I'd just take the Godless Shrine, it's playable and has value.
It's a really close pick between Hands of Binding and Devour Flesh.  I would probably take Hands.  It's the only blue card in the pack, so it's a good signal to start with.  And Devour Flesh often doesn't remove what you really need it to, where Hands can target what you want to lock down.  It can also "upgrade" to locking down the next better creature they play as long as you have some evasion.

That's all ignoring value of course.  Typically I would just take the shock land because it pays for my draft.
1. godless ($$)
2. flesh
3. binding
4. shanktail 
I've been liking Devour more, I think it's the pick here. And as everyone else said, the Shrine is probably the best value.
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