Lvl 16 playtest session

Hello, i have feedback!

All humans.
Wizard(evocation): The spells are fine(polymorph a little bit op for a 4 lvl spell). The spell's DC are too high, only 2 sucesfully saves today(even with magical resistance)... i made 18 saving throws to avoid his spells.
Rogue(Treasure hunter, 2 weapon fighter spec): The rogue tricks are fun and they give him a lot of survival(the rogue needs it, because he has low hps). Sneak atack + Two-Weapon Strike = overpower damage, he made sneak atack all the rounds and that is tons of damage.
Cleric(Heal domain): just heal, nothing remarkable.
Barbarian: Well, this guy is the king on the hill. Tons of Hps, Tons of damage, Damage reduction and, the most op feature i have ever seen... Incite  Rage. With that the encounters were easier than i expected(i used the DM guideline's encounter building).

The monster's damage is low at this level(at low level(1-8) are ok) or characters's hps are too many at high level. A wizard with 146 hps can take a balor's multiatack (63 average damage) and he still ok(and i a assuming that he hit the 3 atacks)...
The monster's AC is very very low. The were hit all the time. The group had a +10 -- +13 bonus to hit them and monster's AC is between 14-18.
The monster's atack bonus are ok, but their atacks need more damage.
The monster's traits are ok.

The Game:
We had a lot of fun playing DnD next today, even with the imba barbarian .
We like that the combat rounds are fast and the chars have many options to do.


Ps: Sorry if a have a bad grammar or i used bad expressions, but english is not my first language.

Stay Awhile and Listen!

No need to say sorry for the language, its crystal clear what you are saying.

 Out of interest did you start at high level and if so how did you handle giving out magic items? There is no guidelines so Im always interested in hearing how others do it.

really good report! 
That damage abstraction for the wizard seems right to me. I think a really powerful wizard should survive for about 12 seconds against a balor in melee.

Yeah, the barbarian is notoriously imba. I think everyone is really excited for the next Next playtest. Do you think the encounters would've been as easy w/out him inciting rages?
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Not sure where to put this but for anyone else who playtested a Wizard in the Mud Sorcerer's tomb I was not satisfied with this.  The Wizard with his reliance on an oft repeated cantrip for damage (which actually did more damage than his low level spells) felt more like a Warlock I am afraid with an Eldritch Blast.  Please could we get rid of the over powered Cantrips and instead just give the Wizard more spells to cast.  The Wizard doesn't feel like a D&D Wizard and plays like a Warlock - i.e. Eldritch Blast (read Ray of Frost) and a few abilities (spells) which for the most part i couldn't cast in the dungeon for fear of hitting the other party members (admittedly I played the Generalist and not the Invoker).  The Invoker would have had even less spell options available.  Seriously three spells a level?  Most spells won't even get memorised.  Expand the Wizard spell memorisation and lose the too powerful cantrips.  You have just redesigned the Warlock I am afraid presently.
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