D&D Next Playtest Session: Monday March 04, 23:45 EST

Hello everyone. I'll run a D&D Next Playtest Session Monday March 04, 23:45 EST. This is an open session to all who'd like to play and is on a first come first serve basis.  To join the table simply reply by posting your RPGTO username and a summary of your character you want to play and i will invite you to the table. If you sign up and can't attend, please have the courtesy to advise me ASAP so we can find replacement.

Dry Spell

Start Time: Monday March 04, 23:45 EST   
Duration: 03:00                                           
Campaign System: D&D Next Playtest
Campaign World: Core 
Campaign Format: One Shot  
DM: Plaguescarred 
Players Info: 4 players with OPTA*    - Microphone required- 
Characters Info:  3rd Level PC using Standard Array [15,14,13,12,10,8] or Point By
                             Use average for HP. Gear: 150 gp. No magic item. Use Public Packet 01/28

*You need to have signed the OPTA and downloaded the Playtest material from WoTC's website to play. You'll also need to be registered on RPGTO if you aren't already, it takes only a few seconds and its free.


1. ShadeRaven - Elf Fighter 
2. Cartographer525 - Human Cleric 
3. jonathan_sicari - Human Rogue  
4. Miladoon - Dwarf Rogue

Alternate: Guyviroth, 

An unusually severe drought in a remote area recently worsened dramatically when three lakes dried up almost simultaneously. The locals suspect foul play, and the foulest player they know is a bugbear named Relgore -- the leader of a highly successful group of humanoid bandits. Could he be seeking revenge for the militia attacks that recently dispersed his band?

[spoiler=Character Summary] 

[Optional Art] 

Gender Race Class
Size Type
Armor Class 
Hit Points  (   )
Str   (   )  Dex   (   )  Con   (   ) 
Int   (   )  Wis   (   )   Cha   (   ) 
Skill [    ]    
Feat [   ] 
Racial Trait Class Trait 
Melee Attacks—    : + to hit (reach/range; target). Hit: 
Ranged Attack— : + to hit (reach/range; targetr). Hit: 


Tyron the Human Fighter


Male Human Fighter
Medium Humanoid
Armor Class 16 (leather)
Hit Points 12 (1d10+2)
Speed 30 ft.
Sense Normal
Str 13 (+1)  Dex 18 (+4)  Con 15 (+2)
Int 11 (+0)  Wis 14 (+2)  Cha 09 (-1)
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common 
Skill [Soldier] Intimidate (+3), Spot (+3), Survival (+3)
Feat [Dual Wielder] Two-weapon fighting
Combat Superiority
Slayer Fighting Style
Glancing Blow Combat Maneuver  
Melee Attacks—Scimitars: +7 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). 
Hit: 1d6+4 slashing damage
Ranged Attack—Longbow: +7 to hit (range 150/600 ft; one creature). 
Hit:  1d8+4 piercing damage
Two-weapon Fighting: Tyron makes two scimitar attacks, dividing damage by half.
EquipmentLeather armor, Scimitar x2, Longbow, 20 arrows quiver, Ball bearring, 
Acid Flask, Healer's kit, Crowbar, Commun clothes, Thieve's Tools, Lampblack, 
Oil-can, Breeches with secret pocket, Small steel mirror, Lock, Advenvurer’s kit, 
Backpack, Mess kit, Hempen rope 50 ft, Tinderbox, Torch x10, Ration 10 days, 
Waterskin, Belt pouch, 27 gp
May I just spectate? Thank you if you can.

To all that is good and worthwhile.

@Jagannatha - Sure buddy!
I've always wanted a chance to play with ShadeRaven, can I have a rogue slot, I want to try to work out something with the Assassin scheme.
@jonathan_sicari - Welcome in brother. Its not too late for you i thought you were on dayshift? Please post a character summary when you have a chance.

I am on day shift but I tend to go to sleep between 10 and midnight and get up around 5. So a game from around 845 to 11PM shouldn't be a problem.

I'll get to that summary tonight.
Ha you're Pacific time gotcha.
I would like to submit my rogue, Kylo, for some more abuse

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@Miladoon - Welcome in brother. Please post a character summary when you have a chance.

Hey Plague, using a homemade background, give me a yay/nay. Poison is still way overpriced.

Kirigi the deathless

[Optional Art]

Name Kirigi
Gender Male Race Human Class Rogue
Background: Hand Ninja (Bounty Board Trait)
Size Type: Medium
Armor Class 15
Hit Points (20)
Speed 30
Str 11(0) Dex 18(+4 ) Con 14 (+2)
Int 10(0) Wis 14(+2) Cha 14(+2 )
Alignment unaligned
Languages common
Trait Assassin Scheme proficient all martial weapons and shields.
Skill [1d6] Disable Device, Disguise, Gather Rumors, Sneak, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge(Forbidden Lore), Profession(Assassin)
Feat [Cleave, Ambush]
martial damage dice 2d6 
Racial Trait Class Trait Assasinate, skill trick vanish, poison use
Melee Attacks— : Katana +5 to hit (reach 5/range; target). Hit: 1d10+4
Ranged Attack— : Longbow +5 to hit (reach/range 150/600; targetr). Hit: 1d8+4
katana, Longbow, leather Armor, Thieves tools, Adventurer's Kit, 20 arrows, 20 gp
@jonathan_sicari - Thanks for the summary.  I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now. Unfortunatly it will be a Nay, Background Trait should not give mechanical benefit such as the one you made up. Yay for Bounty Board reflavored for Hand Ninja.
Uh, say what? I just want the mechanics of the bounty hunter background with a different skill list. *edit* to clarify, all I did was take the Bounty Hunter Background, rename it and change out two redundant skills.
Sorry yeah, i thought it was the Assassin Trait modified. Sure its all good
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Summary: 27 Point Buy

Kylo Tinskin
3rd Level Male Hill Dwarf Rogue (Trickster)
Medium Humanoid
AC 15 (Studded Leather+Dex)
Hit Points  ( 21 ) HD 3d8
Speed 5 (25 ft)
Senses-Low Light Vision, Stonecunning, Resilience, DWT
Str  11 (0)  Dex 14 (2)  Con 12 (1)
Int  10 (0)  Wis 14  (2)   Cha 14  (2)
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common, Dwarven
Tricks-Charming Presence, Feint, Distract, Trap Sense, Superior Footwork
Feat-First Strike, Improved Initiative
Traits-Spy (Contact)
Skills-Disable Device, Gather Rumors, Persuade, Knowledge (dungeoneering)
Skills-Disguise, Listen, Search, Sneak, Sleight of Hand
Skill Mastery - Skill Dice 1d6
Sneak Attack / MDD 2d6
Melee Attacks— Quarterstaff : +3 to hit, 1d8/1d6+2  Dagger: +3 to hit, 1d4+2
Ranged Attack— Longbow : +3 to hit, 1d8+2  
Studded Leather(25), Quarterstaff, Dagger(2), Longbow(50), Quiver and 20 arrows(1), adventurer's kit(9), traveler's clothes, Thieves Tools(25), Disguise Kit(25), Belt pouch(1)

RPGTO Handle: Miladoon

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@Miladoon- Thanks for the summary.  I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now. 
*Put your brofist gif here*

proposed character:

Gideon "Choir" Martel
Level 3 Male Human Cleric 
Alignment:   Neutral Good
AC: 12 (travelling clothes + Dex Bonus)
HD: d8
hp: 24    
Stats: (27pt buy) STR 14(+2)  DEX 14(+2)  CON 14(+2)  INT 11(+0)  WIS 18(+4)  CHR 10(+0)
Melee Attack Bonus: +2 (str) to hit and damage - quarterstaff 1d8/1d6 bludg., mace 1d6 bludg.
Ranged Attack Bonus: +2 (dex) - sling 1d4 bludg.
Magic Attack Bonus: +5 (wis+spell casting bonus)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30
Language: Common

Deity: The Lightbringer  
Channel Divinity 2/day   (Positive Energy/Radiance)   
cantrip - Cure Minor Wounds
cantrip - Guidance
cantrip - Lance of Faith (2d6 radiant damage) 
cantrip - Resistance
Domain spells: lvl 1-command, lvl2-spiritual weapon  (domain spells are considered prepared)
Castable spells:  Lvl1 x3, Lvl2 x1
Prepared spells: 
Lvl1 - command, cure light wounds, detect magic. 
Lvl2 - cure moderate wounds, silence, spiritual weapon (1d8 force damage).
Disciple of the Sun:  Lance of Faith can be used as a reaction or opportunity strike   
Healing Initiate: know cantrips Cure Minor Wounds and Resistance
Magical Rejuvenation: 1/day - Cure Light Wounds or Lesser Restoration              

Skills:  (skill die 1d6) Arcana, Forbidden Lore, Religion, Sense Motive, Spot

Equipment: Quarterstaff (2sp), Mace x2 (10gp), Sling x2 (2sp), Sling Bullets x100 (2sp), Holy Symbol (5gp), Holy Water x2 (50gp), Adventurer's Kit (9gp), Climber's Kit (25gp), Grappling Hook (2gp), Belt Pouch x2 (2gp), 21g 4sp

RPGTO name: Cartographer 

@Cartographer525- Thanks for the summary.  I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now. 
Damn, was so interested in joining this as a wizard... well, if a spot is open I can fill it in.
@Guyviroth - Ok i've put you as an alternate.
May I please spectate , I would really appreciate a chance to observes some 5e being played. I may only be able to attend for the first two hours. I created an account over there under the name Trepis.

Thank you
@Guyviroth - Ok i've put you as an alternate.

Righto, gravy boat. I'll get a wizard rolled up quickly.
@Blakestone - Sure brother!
@Blakestone - Sure brother!


Well, char sheet is ready if there's a spot;


Stavros Kazandjitis
Male Human Wizard
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 26 ( 3d6 )
Speed 30ft
Sense Normal
Str 9 ( -1 )  Dex 15 ( +2 )  Con 14 ( +2 ) 
Int 18 ( +4 )  Wis 11 ( 0 )   Cha 13 ( +1 ) 
Chaotic Good

Trait Sage
Skills Knowledge (Arcana, Forbidden Lore, History, Heraldry) [1d6]    
Heighten Spell [Gain advantage on one spell or impose disadvantage on a spell saving throw. One per day.]
Maximize Spell [Can deal max damage with a spell. Once per day.]
Racial Trait None
Class Trait 
Spellcasting [Spellslots = 4 1st level spells, 2 2nd level spells; can prepare 5 spells a day; +5 to spellcasts; DC 15 against spells]
Scholarly Wizardry [Start with 4 cantrips, 1 additional 1st level spell; gain 2 spells per level; can cast any spell as a ritual if available]

Adventurer's Kit
141 GP

Light [Cantrip; touch an object, spreads 20 foot of light, and an extra 20 foot of dimlight. Can be colored]
Mage Armor [Cantrip; +2 to AC]
Mage Hand [Cantrip; moves objects and can carry objects within 50 feet that weighs up to 10 pounds]
Ray of Frost [Cantrip; 100 range; 1d10 damage and target speed reduced by 10 until start of next turn]

Cause Fear [1st level; creatures within 10 feet are frightened for 1 minute; DC 15 ends]
Charm Person [1st level; creature within 25 feet is charmed for 1 hour; DC 15 negates; creature has advantage if in combat]
Comprehend Language [1st level; can read and understand non-code and non-magical writings for 1 hour]
Detect Magic [1st level; can locate magical presence in a 30 foot cone for 1 minute]
Feather Fall [1st level; reaction; creature falls at 10 foot per round; ends after creature lands or falls 1,000 feet]
Identify [1st level; identifies a magical item, its lore, and any secrets, though does not reveal the nature of secrets]
Magic Missile [1st level; creates two missiles at 1d4+2 damage each. Gain 2 more missiles for each higher spell slot]

Sleep [1st level; 3d8 hit points of creatures in a 20 foot radius within 100 feet fall asleep until awoken by an action or attack; start with creature with lowest hit points]
Scorching Ray [2nd level; 15 fire damage divided as chosen between any number of targets within 100 feet]
Invisibility [2nd level; creature turns invisible for 1 hour until they attack, cast a spell that affects another creature, or until Invisibility is cast again]

@Guyviroth - Thanks, cool art!
@Guyviroth - Thanks, cool art!

Ah, thank ya. Maybe if not today, then soon I can perhaps use this character.
Sorry about not getting to this sooner.  Here's Daellar ky'Quarrin for the coming session.

Daellar, Wood Elf Fighter


Name: Daellar ky'Quarrin (Male Wood Elf, Fighter-3)

Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium.   Speed: 45.   Vision: Low-light
Languages: Daellar can speak, read, and write Common and Elvish.

Str 14 (+2) Dex 14 (+2) Con 16 (+3) Int 8 (-1) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 10 (+0)
(Class - Con +1, Race - Dex +1)

Background: Custom (Elven Forestguard)
Trait: Wanderer
Skills: [+1d6] Survival, Sneak, Knowledge (Nature), Track, Spot (elf), Listen (elf)
Feats: Fast Movement, Improved Initiative

Racial Traits: Elf Weapon Training, Free Spirit, Trance, Wood Elf Grace
Class Features:Combat Expertise, Fighting Style (custom), Maneuver (Iron Root Defense), Parry, 2nd Maneuver (Protect)

Martial Damage Dice: 2d6
Weapon Attack: +1

HPs:  31 (10+3, 6+3, 6+3)
AC:  16 (Studded Leather, Dex, Shield)
Initiative: +6 (minimum die roll 10)

Melee Attacks—Longsword: +3 to hit (5' reach; one target). Hit: 1d10+2
Ranged Attack—Longbow: +3 to hit (range 150'/600'; one target). Hit: 1d10+2

Studded Leather (25 gp), Shield (10 gp), Longsword (15 gp), Longbow (50 gp), Adventurer's Kit (9 gp), 40 Arrows (2 gp), 39 gold pieces

Bio: Daellar has been trained to be one of a select group of elves known as the Forestguard.  They are a proud, fearless group who are sworn to serve and protect creature of nature who cannot protect themselves and to be wardens of the land against those who would unnecessarily damage or befoul it.  The Forestguard are known to be first into a conflict and last to withdraw, a shield against the enemy so that the weak may find safety and so that the elven forces may rain arrow and spell upon foes freely.  Daellar, like all Forestguard, has been trained to be an astute tracker, soft-footed stalker, and student of all that's natural.

Description: Daellar is of average height (5' 8"), with a wiry, athletic build (131 lbs) that hints at unexpected strength within a lithe body.  He has pale, golden hair that hangs to just beyond his shoulders, fair skin that does not tan but neither does it burn under the sun, and dark woodlands green eyes.
@ShadeRaven- Welcome in brother! Thanks for the summary.  Cool art and story too! I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now. 
Thanks.   Looking forward to it.  Seems like we have a pretty good group to investigate whether or not this seemingly unnatural drought is the result of evil intentions.... or maybe it's just a very thirsty bugbear who must be suffering from severe bladder problems by now....

only time will tell.... 
Must remember to buy caltrops...
Caltrops are soldout Wink  J/K
If we be outdrinking bugbears, Kylo is bringin his stein

"The Apollo moon landing is off topic for this thread and this forum. Let's get back on topic." Crazy Monkey

Happy exploration.  It sounds like a great time.  Enjoy.

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swapped in display deadliness for poison use and bought 2 bags of caltrops.
That turned out to be a good swap

"The Apollo moon landing is off topic for this thread and this forum. Let's get back on topic." Crazy Monkey

YEs it did. Must remember to start thread in the morning in Playtest Player review on game and here about not giving up advantage for assassinate. Now I MUST GO TO BED. Stupid Jon is stupid.
Thanks everyone who participated was a good table! Hope you had fun guys!

Blakestone, how did you find it during our stay?

I had a blast! You managed to discover the reasons behind the droughts and dealt with it and help Nentir Vale citizens recover all while making the people responsible for it pay. Lots of funny moments  and great RP folks! #greatnightofplaytest!
I really enjoyed it thanks for letting me sit in, stupid time zones! I had to leave ealier then I had hoped. Sounded like everyone was having a blast. Hopefully I can get in on one of these as a player sometime soon.

Hearing / watching the game in play certainly gives a much better idea of how the rules work compared to just reading the play pack and rolling up some test toons.

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