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Let me preface this with a fact: I don't play legacy. I don't have a "good" legacy deck.

However, I understand what is going on in the format, the basic underpinnings and what I can expect to see at a tournament.

Normally, I wouldn't go to a legacy tournament, but this one is free. Also, Top 8 get Onslaught Fetches.

So I figured, why the hell not.

I know that I'm going to have to build a "fair" deck. It's probably going to be a Mono-Blue Delver monstrocity, because at least then I'll have counters. It will most likely be a 20 land tempo deck. But that's not really why I'm here.

My question is: What turn do I need to have answers for the unfair decks?

I know belcher and cheeri0s can go off on turn one, and that I'll need some way to interact there.

What turn does omnishow usually go off? Reanimator? Storm?

Just looking for answers to sideboard and what to make sure they are chronologically relevant.

To "break" storm, run Mindbreak Trap, and back it up in case they're playing blue.

For SnT, there's a topic here in this section with all sorts of discussion, I'd check that one out.

For Reanimator, and other GY-based decks like Dredge and "Oops! All spells!" Running Tormod's Crypt and Leyline of the Void are good ways to halt them.

Also, just because it can go off turn one, doesn't mean it always does.
Decks I run
I currently run a deck for Standard, Modern, Commander and Legacy. For standard, I have a typical, horribly budget Rakdos Deck Wins. For Modern, I have a B/G/U/W Draw-go Reanimator featuring my favorite creature, Wurmcoil Engine. For Legacy, I'm trying too hard to break Pyromancer Ascension. I also run a Naya Zoo with all the oldies. For Commander/EDH, I'm running The Mimeoplasm. A little morals thing about me, I like winning through combos, but not infinitely. However quiet, I am a Christian, so feel free to tell me you are too, it's always a relief.
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Depeding on how your build your deck (curve), Chalice of the Void can cripple some decks at 1.
What all do you have in your list so far, and what's your budget like?
Budget is fairly low, and the deck is still taking shape. I'll post a (laughable) list as soon as I have settled on something.

This is all very spur of the moment, mind. I had like zero preparation, and the tourny is saturday. I'm going to cobble together as many answers as I can find (friend has Mindbreak trap, for instant, and you cant fall down in a card shop without hitting tormods), but not sure what I'll get.

I did call the store, and apparently they do legacy events never, so that means that most of the competition will either be driving in from around town, or will all be horribad decks just like mine.

Just going to hedge my bets as best as I can, close my eyes and pray. 
Since no one really answered your original question, here's a decent list of when the most common combos go off:

Reanimator:  Usually has a fattie in play on their turn 2.  Potentially could be turn 1 if they're playing the "speed" version with rituals and Lotus Petals.

Show and Tell (all versions):  Frequently turn 2 off an Ancient Tomb or similar.  Potentially turn 1 with their nut draw (double Petal).  The exact turn usually doesn't matter because most of the "answers" are put into play when they use Show.

Storm:  Depends on the exact build.  TES (red rituals) can go off pretty early, like turn 2-3, but dies to practically any disruption.  ANT is slower (turn 3-4), but much harder to disrupt.  Some strange variants (like the Reanimator hybrid, TinFins) can go off on turn 1 or turn 2 consistently.

Dredge:  Hard to say, as they could be on a slow dredge plan.  However, if you haven't disrupted them by turn 2, you might just lose.

Elves:  Turn 3-4.  Definitely turn 3 if they're using Natural Order.

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