Can Druid Sentinels use Beast Form dailies?

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So I know that Sentinels do not get access to Wild Shape and so cannot use any of the beast form at wills, but does that stop them from taking a Beast Form daily like Form of Primeval Ape or whatever?

My interpretation of the rules says they are NOT allowed, but I wanted to make sure.
They can TAKE it.  They can't USE it, as IIRC they have the Beast Form keyword.
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Sentinels CAN get access to beast form, tough, by taking the feats Call to the Wild and Beastwalker Circle or by choosing certain themes (werebear, werewolf, or wererat (well, they can also take the Tuathan theme and choose the Tuathan Animal Shape utility power at level 2 but although they are in beast form, they cannot attack)).
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