Luminary Ring and Commander's Strike

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The question is whether Luminary Ring
Luminary Ring
Level 22 Uncommon

You are more able to aid your allies with this gold ring, which bears a faintly glowing sigil signifying your ideals.

Ring Slot        325,000 gp

Increase the range of powers that restore hit points or provide a bonus to your allies by a number of squares equal to your Charisma modifier.

Power Daily (Free Action)
Use this power when you grant one or more allies a power bonus. Increase that bonus by 1 for all targets for the duration of that power.
If you've reached at least one milestone today, increase the affected bonus by 2.
affects Commander's Strike making it a ranged attack instead of Melee 1.

Since Commander's Strike does provide a bonus to damage through Intelligence modifier, it should increase range by the Charisma modifier of the character.

Is there any rule that stops the Melee 1 range from changing into a longer range?

Commander's Strike isn't melee 1, it is Melee Weapon. It would become Melee Weapon+Cha for range, yes, but it will still be a melee attack.
the same applies for the feat Staff Expertise.  Your Commander's Strike becomes Melee Weapon+1 for range, but it is still a melee attack.
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Blade of the Eldritch knight remains one of the best ways to boost reach for CS...
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Blade of the Eldritch knight remains one of the best ways to boost reach for CS...

True, though giving up your weapon enchant hurts a bit.
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