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Hi, I am a new D&D player, with a new team, and I have chosen to be a paladin. Before I start, I want to specify, we do not know how to use the "random method" (roll of a die) to assign the base stats, so we used builds already given to us. We are playing Essentials, and I have taken my information out of Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom.

Class: Paladin (Cavalier)
Race: Dragonborn
Alignment: Lawful Good
Str 16+3+2(racial)
Con 14+2+2(racial)
Dex 10
Int 11
Wis 11
Cha 14+2+2(racial)

Skill: Endurance, Diplomacy, Heal, Insight

Feat: Improved Defenses

Powers (if I understood correctly, those are all level 1 abilities, so they are usable from the start?): Defender Aura; Holy Smite; Righteous Radiance; Righteous Shield; Valiant Strike; Virtue At-will Power     PATH OF SACRIFICE: Spirit of Sacrifice and Virtue At-will Power (Strike of Hope)

Initiative +0
Speed 6-1

AC +7
Fortitude +6+1 (Improved defenses)
Reflex +3+1 (I.Def)
Will +5+1 )I.Def)

Hit Points: 31
Bloodied: 15

Healing Surge Value: 7
Healing Surge Per Day: 26

Scale Armor
Heavy Shield

Please tell me what you think, is this good?

This is character development, not optimization. This forum is for roleplaying ideas and similar, if you want advice on how mechanically sound you character is, repost to charcter optimization.

p.s. dragonborn get +2 to charisma and a CHOICE between +2 to strengh or to constitution, not both.
Oooooh! Okay, ^^ thanks, still new here, so I have no idea how threads REALLY work :/ And thanks, I guess I should have reread a third time XD
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