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This is an deck that I have had in mind for a very long time (Emphasise on very!) so finally I have come up with a solution to post it here and let you all see it and tweak it!

 4Palladium Myr
 4Myr Superion
 2Myr Galvanizer
 2Myr Matrix
 2Darksteel myr
 2Myr Turbine
 1Myr Battlesphere
 2Myr Reservoir
 2Tempered Steel
 2Myr Propagator
 2Alpha Myr
 2Omega Myr
 2Myr Retriever
 4Blood Crypt
 4Sacred Foundry
 4Godless shrine
 2Orzhov Guildgate
 2Azorius Guildgate
 2Izzet Guildgate
 4Hallowed Fountain
 4Dark Ritual
 4Boros Charm
 4Azorius Charm
 2Essence scatter
 2Galvanic Blast
 2Mizzium Mortars

 The Deck plays. Turn one Shock land swamp, pay two life, untap for a black mana, play a Dark Ritual then play a Palladium Myr turn two play Myr Superion with mana from Palladium Myr. Then you continue on from there. I've added some Spells to help out but it is really big. Please help out
I would say drop the alpha or omega myr for 2 more myr galvanizer. Infinite mana combo to play what you want. Then since your playing dark ritual maybe some search like diabolic tutor or diabolic revelation for even more fun with infinite mana.
Sounds good, I was thinking of taking out both Alpha and Omega and just replacing them with 2 Etched Champion plus the two Myr Galvanizer like you said. I also Add on 2 Diabolic tutor and 2Diabolic Revelation!!
Looks like fun (coming from a guy who absolutely LOVES artifact decks)! One of my favorite things to do with artifacts is Etched Champion plus Prototype Portal. Lots of 'protection from all colors' creatures= great fun
Ok, that is pretty awesome! Sept what would I take out? Ive already gotten rid of the twoAlpha and Omega myr. What else would I put out or should I just put more lands into play??
I say your only non artifact spells should be dark ritual, pyretic ritual, galvanic blast and grand architect. Bump up the number of good myr and supporting artifacts to make the deck more consistent.
yes but I have the Dispell cards there to take care of board sweepers and make sure they don't destroy something important or play something that could literally burn me to death. Plus I feel Pyretic Ritual is too slow, though I do like the feel of Grand Architect.
Yeah thought you'd like the architect, he was part of a standard deck when scars was in. It ran him and heartless summoning to churn out threats like wurmcoil engine, myr superion, and steel hellkite.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

Here are a couple of my Myr decks that can produce infinite direct damage, infinite mill, and infinite permanent desctruction.

"The Myr Go Marching"
"The Myr Go Marching (Battered Edition)"
@Iburn, deck sounds interesting, how did it play?

@Pontiac, I thought about putting it into the deck, but what if they put down a artifact, sweeper then I play on turn five? Or something along those line's, Plus most of my artifacts in the deck are creatures, so they are gonna be fighting, and dieing, or winning the game by that point.

 @Dknow, Looked at the decks, they seem pretty kool, except I don't like infinite combo's, I meaning you do it a couple of time's and it's kool, but after awhile, you start to find it annoying because the only way to play the deck is to play it that way only, I would know, I made like 5 infect decks, that destroyed the opponet on turn 4. Plus I made a deck that had Blightsteel come out on turn five, and I gave him shroud, with unblockablity. Talk about easy victory!!!
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