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Hello everyone just needed a little suggestions on upgrading my deck.  Here is what I have so far:

Lands 22
Temple Garden x4 
Sacred Foundry x4
Stomping Ground x4
Clifftop Retreat x4
Sunpetal Grove x3
Rootbound Crag x3

Creatures 31
Boros Elite x4
Experiment One x4
Lightning Mauler x4
Burning-Tree Emissary x4
Champion of the Parish x4
Boros the Reckoner x4
Mayor of Avabruck x4
Frontline Medic x3

Spells 7
Searing Spear x4
Boros Charm x4

I was thinking about maybe adding Domri Rade x2 and taking out one Boros ELite and one   Also, adding Hellrider x2 and taking out one Lightning Mauler and one Mayor of Avabruck

Please let me know your thoughts.

Pretty much no to all your changes, lol.

This is where it's at. What you need is a sideboard for the mirror match where you wanna go bigger with cards like domri and bigger non-humans like hellrider or firemane avenger


Thx thats what I figured.  Also, do you think I should sideboard Rest in Peace for those control decks?
I would also add that unless you have a lot of these cards or money to burn, I wouldn't invest too heavily with it. It's gonna get stomped when the meta shifts. Too many ways to blow your t1 play which then blows the rest of your moves. Control will compensate as usual.


one thing that I am finding that when a do not get a decent draw (which seems to be happening a lot) or when the opponent is able to withstand my initial charge I get into an area where I have already put out everything in my hand and I am just drawing hoping to get another creature to help out.

Im thinking that Domri Rade may help this because of his first effect the ability to be able to draw two creatures a turn.

Any thoughts?  Also, thanks for the feedback!!!
I like the idea and decent list. I noticed that you don't have any Nearheath Pilgrim's in the deck, they are worth atleast a sideboard spot considering you can use the Boros Reckoner+Boros Charm+Searing Spear combo for infinate life. There also humans which make it a decent fit.

Kessig Cagebreakers might be a card to consider since it works great late-game at making battalion go off and works good with the Mayor of Avabruck while they are transformed. Its also a human so it fits the theme decently.

Kessig Malcontents might work also if you need more creatures and want to do direct damage to your opponent at the same time.

Hamlet Captain is a decent card for pumping humans. Not sure if it would help out more then Mayor of Avabruck in the sense that once the mayor is transformed you no longer get the human +1+1 bonus. That being said I love Mayor of Avabruck and use it whenever I can really.

If you do decide to go off the human track more, Flinthoof Boar is quite often used when people have Burning-Tree Emissary allowing for a possible turn 2 board of 3 creatures being around 1/1 2/2 3/3 is pretty sweet for a turn 3 attack, especially if the turn 1 creature is Boros Elite and its battalion!

The last thing I noticed was you don't have any specialty lands that help mid-late game like Gavony Township/Slayers' Stronghold and/or Kessig Wolf Run. I would consider maybe adding Gavony Township so you can boost your creatures if the game goes on past turn 4 and Kessig Wolf Run to help push through the last couple points of damage when need be.

I am a big fan of Domri Rade, you have alot of creatures so it would work pretty nice in here but I would playtest with it first if you have it. You might find that its more of a sideboard card for control matchups then a maindeck card.

Hope this Helps GL!

thx indigo... your thought process really helps out.  I like the idea of Gavony township in the deck.  Also the sideboard of Domri Rade for the longer matches is a good help.  I just do not want to get to far away from what I have but your ideas are great!  Thanks again!!!
Your welcome glad it helped, Ulvenwald Tracker come to think of it might be a good card for the deck. If you  have any you could play test with them in the spot of Experiment One and see if it helps since its a human with the fight ability which is same ability that Domri Rade has as his -2 ability.
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