Wrath of ashardalon 2 questions from a noob : )

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Hello all, ive just got wrath of ashardalon and love it, i just have a few questions, first up, can i you use a treasure card and a power card together, and second i hope to get the other 2 games in the future, which will work best with the one i have legend of drizzt or castle ravenloft, thanks
Hi steve: Yes you can use them a treasure card and a power card ( utility, daily, at-will) just if they not require the same action for example:

You can use Ring of shooting stars (item), and Lay of hands ( paladin utility power ) and  Valiant strike ( paladin at-will power) in the same turn

or ,  Lucky charm ( item) Virtue's touch (Paladin utility power), and Arcing smite ( paladin daily power) 

But  you can't use:  Taunting advance ( Daily power Fighter) and Wand of polymorph (item) together because they said ( use instead of an attack) 

 for the second question, i recommend you the Castle Ravenloft because  you can find  official adventures for mixing  this two board games in this link 
Also, the tiles of WoA, and the CR,  are both Dungeon tiles and the LoD are  cave tiles

If you need something else i'm glad to help  
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I would recommend the Legend of Drizzt.  Castie Ravenloft has much more challenging adventures and better balance.  However, the Legend of Drizzt has more powerful treasures and more artful tiles.    The treasures in Drizzt and Ashardalon are equal, while Ravenloft has very weak treasure.  I have found that players get frusterated with the weaker treasures once they are used to one of the later sets.  Also the tiles of Drizzt are much better than either of the other two sets.  Also be warned that the difficluty in Drizzt is a lot more variable than any of the other sets, while Ravenloft might be the least variable in difficulty based on random chance. 
Thank you both for your help, ive had a few game now and im hooked, hope to get the other games soon, thanks again